Blackout Period for the Municipal Election


This is the last time I am able to communicate through this medium until after the October 22nd municipal election. City Council adopted an Election-Related Resources Policy which includes a “blackout period” in which corporate resources and Member of Council’s office budgets are not to be used to sponsor any advertisements, flyers, newsletters or householders. The 60-day “blackout period” is in effect from Thursday, August 23, 2018, up to and including Monday, October 22, 2018 (Voting Day).
During the “blackout period”, advertising for City events or services cannot, in broad terms, include the name of any Member of Council who is also a candidate.
For any pressing City matter, we will make sure that those items are provided to the Village Voice for Manotick issues and the Richmond Hub for Richmond issues. For other areas of the ward, there is a protocol for how matters can be communicated to ensure proper notification still occurs in the meantime.
Please be assured that the only thing impacted here is how we communicate to the public. My office will still be attentive to anything that comes our way. Should you have any questions or concerns on anything, email my office [] or give my team a call [(613) 580-2491] and we will assist you. For election related questions, please reference the City's website: