Falls House

Falls House, the historic property that stood at the intersection of Manotick Main Street and Maple Avenue, was, sadly, demolished in October 2016. It was an outcome that the current owner, Councillor Moffatt and various community associations worked together to try to avoid. In November 2013, when the house at 5514 Manotick Main Street was put on the market, Councillor Moffatt added the property to the City of Ottawa’s Heritage Register. Shortly after, the house was sold to a local individual who was looking to repurpose the building and develop the balance of the property. However, it quickly became evident that an adaptive reuse of the home wouldn’t be possible because of the building’s poor condition. At that time, the new owner, Councillor Moffatt and various community organizations (Manotick Village & Community Associationthe Manotick Culture, Parks & Recreation Associationthe Manotick Business Improvement Area; and the Rideau Township Historical Society) met to tour the property and discuss options. After this consultation, it became clear that the building was going to have to be torn down.

Since Falls House was on the Heritage Register, the City of Ottawa did conduct a Heritage Survey and Evaluation of the property. However, through this evaluation, it was determined that the property did not meet the criteria for heritage designation. After this conclusion was reached, Falls House was demolished. Presently, Councillor Moffatt continues to work with the property owner and community organizations on the design for the replacement office building. Furthermore, in order to document Falls House, which a local historian, Larry Ellis, estimates was built in 1896, we are proud to offer a slideshow of the property and a virtual walkthrough.


Virtual Walkthrough: