Proposed Development near Hyde Park & Richmond Lions Park

Many in Richmond, and many others who have passed through over the years, have asked the obvious question about what will happen to the unfinished five storey building near Hyde Park and Richmond Lions Park. The original plan for the Immanuel House failed, unfortunately, and the initial developer went bankrupt. Since then, though, the property has transferred to a new owner, Silver Maple Developments. The City is now in receipt of an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment to allow multiple 3 storey residential apartment buildings, a 3 and 5 storey retirement residence and 205 square metres of commercial uses on a private water system.

The site was previously approved as Hyde Park with Phase 1 completed as 92 residential townhouses on private roads off of Perth Street and with a private water system. Phase 2A construction is nearly completed and was approved as a three storey 35-unit retirement residence off of Talos Circle and Cedarstone Street. The proposal would see the use change to a 35-unit apartment building. Phase 2B is the partially built 5 storey building with the 3 storey wing. It is proposed to remain a retirement residence. Phase 2 would be serviced with an extension of the private well system and would be accessed off of Cedarstone Street and Talos Circle. Phase 3 would also be serviced with municipal sewer and the private water system and accessing of Talos Circle. It would consist of 8, 3-storey, 14-unit apartment buildings.

The amendment to the Official Plan is required as small drinking water systems are only contemplated for institutional uses, such as schools and retirement homes not for residential uses. The amendment to the Richmond Secondary Plan would recognize a land use change from the institutional to residential to permit Phases 2A and 3 to proceed as residential apartments. It would also permit a 5 storey retirement residence and permit the commercial uses.

The zoning by-law amendment would rezone Phases 2 and 3 from a Rural Institutional zone to a Village residential density 3 Subzone E exception to permit commercial and amend some of the zone provisions. Specifically, the front yard is proposed to be reduced from 9 to 3 metres, the rear yard from 11 to 10.6 metres, increase the height from 15 to 16 metres, reduce the drive aisles from 6.7 to 6 metres and consider Phases 2 and 3 one lot for zoning purposes.

At this time, nothing is being imposed that would impact the existing 92 units in Hyde Park. I will be working with the applicant on hosting a public information session in the fall before this item comes to Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee. If you would like to submit comments on this application, please contact


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