Do you know a Snow Angel? Please report them!

What a winter! 

It started out with an unusual October snowstorm, then settled into unusual mildness that lasted almost until the New Year. Of course, winter is inevitable and the mildness was balanced out significantly with the second snowstorm of the season on December 29th. 

We haven't had the usual small accumulations of snow this year. The snow fall has very much been feast or famine. Of course, the "feast" times have meant significant challenges for some residents to keep up with snow removal and clearing so they can maintain their routines safely.

Stories of residents helping residents have been spreading around Ottawa and it's wonderful to hear. The City of Ottawa calls these people Snow Angels. A Snow Angel is a neighbour or friend who has volunteered to help an elderly or disabled person by clearing snow from a driveway, steps, or walkway. 

Report a Snow Angel today

If you know someone you think deserves to be called a Snow Angel, let us know - the City of Ottawa wants to thank them!

Snow Angels will be recognized with a certificate signed by the Mayor and a custom keychain with a snowflake symbol and Ottawa logo. 

To nominate a resident for recognition as a Snow Angel, plese give the City the name and address of the nominee, as well as other details about who they are helping and how. Send your nomination to:

  • Email:
  • Mail: Attention: Snow Angel Program, City of Ottawa,100 Constellation Crescent, 5th floor, K2G 6J8
  • Fax: 613-580-9605 Attention: Snow Angel Program

Be sure to include your contact information so that staff can confirm details of your nomination. You can learn more about the Snow Angel Recognition Program and other winter weather assistance programs by visiting the City of Ottawa website.