There are a number of projects that will be started in summer 2017 around Rideau-Goulbourn.


Roads slated for resurfacing include:

  • William McEwen Drive
  • Shea Road
  • Bleeks Road 

Another resurfacing project that will likely have a significant impact this summer on Rideau-Goulbourn residents is the resurfacing of Prince of Wales Drive. Construction along Prince of Wales Drive, between Strandherd Drive and Hunt Club Road began on June 5th. For more information on this project, visit: Prince of Wales Drive coordinated network modifications project

Fallowfield Road at Moodie Drive is also set to be widened. The tender for this project will close in August and construction is set to begin in October of this year.


  • McLean Bridge Rehabilitation (construction started in May)

In 2018, the bridges on Ashton Station Road, Old Richmond Road and Munster Road will be renewed, with tender closing in December 2017.  Construction is set to begin in July 2018. Richmond Road Bridge Renewal will also take place in 2018, with tender closing in February 2018 and construction beginning in May 2018.

Community Centres

The  Manotick Arena expansion is still moving forward; design and tendering occured in 2016 and construction is slated to begin this year. 

Other Projects

  • Richmond Forcemain is set to be complete in September.

Past Projects (2016):

Roads resurfaced: 

  • Bridge Street
  • Moodie Drive (Brophy-Fallowfield)
  • Ottawa Street (West of Fortune)
  • Royal York Street (Fortune to Fowler)

The Rideau Valley Drive South project continued with the renewal of storm sewers, introduction of sidewalks and resurfacing from Dorack to Lockhead.

Sewer installation was completed on Martin Street between Fortune Street and King Street.

Flewellyn Road, between Conley and Huntley, were microsurfaced. This helps restore the road to its condition prior to the Enbridge pipeline project from 2014.

Mackey Road was upgraded from gravel surface to a paved surface through surface treatment. This project extended the existing paved surface from Viola Street to McCordick Road.


Sidewalk projects included upgrading the sidewalk on Beaverwood Road, between Ann Street and Manotick Main Street, as well as the renewal of the sidewalk on Roger Stevens Drive, west of Fourth Line Road. This project was delayed from 2015 because the scope of the project was larger than its budget.

Community Centres

The replacement of the canteen at the Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre was complete and the play structure was replaced as well and will be completed by Canada Day.

The much discussed Manotick Arena expansion moved forward; design and tendering occured this year and construction was slated to begin in 2017. 

Updated June 2017