Councillor Moffatt, in conjunction with the City's Traffic Department, operates a Ward wide traffic calming program. Speed display boards are deployed throughout Rideau-Goulbourn to raise awareness of excessive speeding. Boards are placed on a rotational basis to capture speed data which is then used by the City and Ottawa Police to‎ address speeding concerns in our neighbourhoods. If you notice excess speeding and believe a speed board would be beneficial, please contact our office to request a speed board deployment.  You can read more about the Program here: Speed Display Board Education and Awareness Program. You can also read the Ottawa Police's crime report for Rideau-Goulbourn: 2014-2015 Crime Trends in Ward 21.

Below are several speed display board data sheets that have been collected from previous deployments. 


Ashton Station Road
Conley Road (Southbound)
Conley Road (Northbound)
Eagleson Road
First Line Road (Northbound)
First Line Road (Southbound)
Hamilton Street (Westbound)
Hamilton Street (Eastbound)
Munster Road (Northbound)
Munster Road (Southbound)
Old Richmond Road (Northbound)
Old Richmond Road (Southbound)
Ottawa Street (Eastbound)
Ottawa Street (Westbound)
Rideau Valley Drive North (Northbound)
Rideau Valley Drive North (Southbound)


Bankfield Road
First Line Road
Fourth Line Road
Fortune Street
McLean Crescent
Perth Street Eastbound (August)
Perth Street Eastbound (October)
Perth Street Westbound
Piety Hall Way
Revell Drive
Rideau Valley Drive North


Revell Drive


Century Road
Donnelly Drive
Jock Trail
Paden Road
Roger Stevens Drive Eastbound
Roger Stevens Drive Westbound
Royal York Street
Steeple Hill Crescent


Fairway Drive 
Upton Road


Bleeks Road Eastbound 
Bleeks Road Westbound