OC Transpo rural service improvements

Free service on new rural shoppers’ Routes until June 30!

OC Transpo has added four new once-a-week rural shuttles to major malls that are free of charge until June 30. Four routes serving rural communities in the east and west ends run one day a week – these are in addition to the previously existing Friday shuttle Route 205 from North Gower, Kars and Manotick.

West end shoppers’ routes
On Mondays, Route 201 runs from Richmond and Stittsville to the Bayshore and Carlingwood Shopping Centres. Wednesdays, shuttle Route 203 runs from Dunrobin and Carp to Bayshore and Carlingwood Shopping Centres.

East end shoppers’ routes
On Tuesdays, Route 202 runs from Navan, Sarsfield, Cumberland to Place d’Orléans and St. Laurent Shopping Centres. Thursdays, Route 204 runs from Metcalfe and Greely to South Keys and Billings Bridge Shopping Centres.

Anyone can use the free rural shoppers’ routes. Seniors 65 and older can also take advantage of OC Transpo’s free fares on all routes all day on Wednesdays, and after noon on Mondays and Fridays.

Each route runs one trip to the city in the morning, and one trip returning in the afternoon. Pick-up and departure times vary by route, so please visit www.octranspo.com or call 613-741-4390.

Para Transpo introduces new flat rate for rural trips

A new flat rate fare of $8.25 for rural Para Transpo trips reduces fares for 96 per cent of rural residents. The new flat rate is a simpler and more equitable fare system that will help improve mobility for people with disabilities in rural areas.