Column: Good news for Rural OC Transpo Riders!

OC Transpo Changes for Rural Riders

Recently, OC Transpo has made some changes to transit that will affect riders in Goulbourn.  After introducing the 201 shoppers bus in January, I noticed that it failed to go through the King’s Grant community which I felt needed to be addressed.  The spring service changes brought King’s Grant into the routing for the 201 bringing this useful bus closer to more Richmond residents.  The change means the 201 will stay on Perth Street, turn left onto Shea Road and will return to Huntley Road via Moore Street and Queenston Drive.  I understand there were some signage errors when the change was made and I just want to clarify that only the 201 is undergoing these changes and the 283 will continue to use the route it always has.  The impact to Queenston residents, east of Lundy’s Lane, is that they will now see one bus, twice each Monday.

Another change was introduced recently that will have an enormous impact on our riders.  Beginning July 1, 2012, the Rural Express Pass will be eliminated.  All rural pass holders will now be able to purchase a regular express pass to use the rural express bus.  The rural express pass was $145/month and the regular express pass is $119/month producing a significant savings for rural riders.  This 18% reduction means an annual savings of over $300 for rural express pass holders.  With the reduced rural fare, the hope is that we can increase ridership and reduce pressure on the Kanata Park’n’Ride by having more residents catch the bus closer to home.

There have been minor changes made to the start times on the 283.  The schedules have been set so that 95 percent of all trips can start on time and that 70 percent of all trips will get to their destination in the time allowed.  The result of this is that some trips are scheduled a little earlier or a little later and some are scheduled to take a little longer or to take a little less time.  Generally, we have tried to preserve arrival times downtown in the morning, even if it means adjustments to the departure times from the outer end of the route, and generally, we and tried to preserve departure times from downtown in the afternoon, even if it means adjustments to the arrival time at the outer end of the route.  Whether it is positive or negative, OC Transpo is always interested in hearing your feedback.  Feel free to email me any comments or concerns you may have over these or any of the other changes.

Mahogany in Manotick

Over the coming months, the Mahogany project will continue to move forward and I’ll use this column to provide updates and how the construction schedule will affect the community.  On or around May 7, sewers will be installed along Eastman Avenue in order to connect the current infrastructure with the pumping station, to be built along the unnamed drain behind Potter Drive.  This construction will see impacts on traffic as Eastman and Potter will see road closures, but never both at the same time.  Primarily, Eastman Avenue will see the biggest impact and will allow local traffic only for approximately two months.  Throughout construction, every effort will be made to provide minimal impacts to Eastman residents.  Temporary water service will be provided while the watermain is replaced under Eastman, in addition to the installation of a sewer main.  The sewer main will be installed with potential hook-ups at every home, including the ability for a hook-up onto Gaddis Court.  This work is being conducted by Taggart Construction. If you have any further questions, please contact me as I will be working with Minto and Taggart to address any issues as they arise.

Cleaning the Capital

Cleaning the Capital is in full swing now with events across the City and throughout Rideau-Goulbourn.  I just wanted to take the opportunity to address all the different projects going this weekend and the many that have already occurred.

This Saturday, April 28, there are Cleaning the Capital projects in every corner of the ward, the biggest of which is being put on by the Richmond Village Association.  If you’d like to help out the RVA, they will be meeting at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church on McBean Street at 9am and tackling the village in teams.  Also on Saturday, teams will be cleaning up Munster and North Gower in addition to teams along Roger Stevens Drive, near Dwyer Hill Road, and in Spring Lake Estates off of Mackey Road.

Each spring and fall, I’m always impressed with the amount of people that take part in the Cleaning the Capital program and 2012 is no different.  With community groups covering Kars, Manotick, Country Club Village, Century Road, Poplarwood Avenue, Fairhurst Drive, and schools taking part as well, including St. Philip’s, Kars Public School, and Munster Elementary School, it’s hard to imagine any areas that aren’t covered by this campaign and the hard work by the volunteers.

Congratulations and many thanks to all those who are taking part this year for your time and effort.  Your dedication to your community is much appreciated by the residents of Rideau-Goulbourn.

North Gower Cooperative Nursery School

Looking for a Nursery School in the Kars/North Gower area?  The North Gower Cooperative Nursery School is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 beginning at 7pm.  Drop by for a visit or to register your child.  Children born in 2010 are eligible for our Junior Program (Wednesday or Friday morning) while children born in 2009 will be eligible for our Senior Program (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30AM).  Potty training not required!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at or by phone at 613-580-2491. Be sure to follow me and Rideau-Goulbourn on Twitter and like our Facebook page to get regular updates on what's happening in the Ward and across the City.