RVCA Tree Planting Program & Other Updates

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The next Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting is coming up on October 4th. The agenda for that meeting will not be available for another week but there are a few items that are tentatively set for that agenda. The items include a report on Coach Houses, a report on the City of Ottawa's Boundary Road Agreements with our neighbouring municipalities, and the zoning bylaw amendment for the Regional project at 5721, 5731, 5741 Manotick Main Street. Please visit our website to sign up for our e-Newsletter to receive more information on our upcoming ARAC meeting. The newsletter will include the full agenda and links to the reports.

RVCA Tree Planting Program

Money is available to landowners interested in planting trees. The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority offers private landowners tree planting programs that help them get technical advice, planting plans and funding for trees.

To be eligible, landowners need at least one acre of land and are willing to plant a minimum of 500 trees. If you have the space, RVCA can help get trees growing on your land for 15 cents a tree. Since 1983, RVCA has planted over 5.25 million trees on private property for landowners. For more information please visit the RVCA’s website.

Rideau River Floodplain Mapping Open House

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has completed two hazard mapping studies for the Rideau River: Hogs Back to Kars and Kars to Burritt’s Rapids. These studies update existing mapping in some areas and new mapping in others. Both Rideau River studies look at identifying two main types of hazards along these stretches of the watercourse: flooding and slope stability.

The goal of this mapping is to help ensure that sound planning decisions are made – keeping people and property safe. Accurate engineered hazard mapping is the foundation of effective floodplain and resource management.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the open house and/or provide comments on the mapping. Conservation Authority staff welcome historical records of past flood events, news clippings, photographs and even anecdotal stories to help confirm the reasonableness of calculations and resulting hazard mapping. For those unable to attend the open house, mapping can also be seen online at www.rvca.ca and comments sent to Ferdous Ahmed, RVCA Senior Water Resources Engineer at Ferdous.Ahmed@rvca.ca.

Public Open House
Wednesday, September 27, 2017
4:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Rideau Valley Conservation Centre
3889 Rideau Valley Drive
Manotick, Ontario


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at Scott.Moffatt@ottawa.ca or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit RideauGoulbourn.ca.