What to expect during a snow storm

Public safety and environmental responsibility are the City’s main concerns while clearing snow and ice during the winter months. When a snow storm hits, Ottawa’s resources are deployed systematically as per the Maintenance Quality Standards - Roads and Sidewalks for the City of Ottawa.

Check out the City’s priority system for when and how we clear the roads for you, and how you can help out by adhering to the following snow clearing guidelines.

In the rural areas, you may have also noticed a unique way of keeping the roads free of snow by using standing corn as an alternative to traditional snow fencing. This has proven to be an economical and ecological way for the City to provide a safer driving surface during the winter months while preventing accidental damage to tile drains on agricultural land when installing traditional snow fencing.

Rural roadside mailboxes that are damaged by the snowplow (excluding the snow that comes off of the wing of the snow plow) may be eligible for repair or replacement by the City. To report a damaged mailbox, call the City at 3-1-1.