Fall well water testing drop-off locations

Drinking contaminated water can make you sick and can even be fatal. Bacterial contamination causes stomach cramps and/or diarrhoea as well as other problems.

Make sure your well water supply is safe to drink by testing it regularly - test for bacteria three times a year and after major plumbing work. Visit www.ottawa.ca/water for more information.

Fall 2013 drop off locations and dates in Rideau-Goulbourn:

Date Location Time
Tuesday, October 15 Richmond Community Centre
6095 Perth Street, Richmond
3:00pm to 8:00pm
Tuesday, October 15 Ashton General Store
8981 Flewellyn Road, Ashton
5:30am to 6:00pm
Tuesday, October 15 Mac's Milk
2871 Munster Road, Munster
6:00am to Midnight
Thursday, October 17 North Gower Client Service Centre
2155 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower
8:30am to 12:00pm
Tuesday, October 22 Rural Ottawa South Support Services
1128 Mill Street, Manotick
9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday, October 29 Goulbourn Town Hall
2135 Huntley Road, Stittsville
3:00pm to 8:00pm

Door-to-door salespeople making false claims about water quality

The City of Ottawa has received several complaints from residents who have been contacted by salespeople of water-filtration or treatment systems and provided incorrect information pertaining to water quality. The City reminds residents that Ottawa’s drinking water is completely safe and of the highest quality, which is ensured through rigorous and ongoing testing.

In addition, residents are reminded that City employees do not contact residents to sell products or services. Except for emergency situations, any visits that may require access to homes or businesses by City staff are scheduled in advance.

Residents are also provided with advance notice of projects that may impact them. All employees requesting access to homes have City-issued photo identification cards. Residents who are directly contacted by persons claiming to be City employees for City business are asked to check identification, and, if concerns remain, contact the City prior to allowing access. Residents are also asked to report any suspicious, unsolicited calls or visits.

The drinking water delivered to City residents exceeds all federal and provincial health-based water-quality guidelines and standards. Ottawa’s drinking water has already been rated by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) as being among the safest in the world.

As recently as this year, the Chief Drinking Water Inspector for Ontario again recognized the quality of Ottawa’s drinking water. The City has an extensive drinking water quality analysis program and posts all of these results on our website, www.ottawa.ca.

If you have any questions about this or any other concern, please call 311 (for urgent matters) or 613-580-2491 to speak with Scott.