Scott worked hard to help make history fun at the Goulbourn Museum

Councillor for Hire: Goulbourn Museum

Scott ventured out to help the Goulbourn Museum with one day of their Camp Curator during March Break. Looks like he had a great time; the museum is a great place for a history buff like Scott!

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It's #CouncillorForHire: March Break edition! I'm off to Camp Curator at the @GoulbournMuseum.Scott Moffatt
We have extra help with Camp Curator today #CouncillorForHire - get your glue gun ready @ScottMoffatt21 :)Goulbourn Museum
Great aerial view of #Richmond @GoulbournMuseum from 10,000 feet in 1946. Only 300 residents at that time. Moffatt
Councillor Scott Moffatt is working at the ...Facebook
We're all set up for Camp Curator here @GoulbournMuseum. A quick lunch and then the kids arrive at 1pm! #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt
The kids are all ready to conduct an archaeological dig at Camp Curator @GoulbournMuseum. #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
The kids have started the dig at #CampCurator. @ScottMoffatt21 #CouncillorForHire #MarchBreak Museum
We think @ScottMoffatt21 could have decorated his #CampCurator ID badge with more colour but he still gets a star :) Museum
Love the history at the @GoulbournMuseum! Here is a picture of all Carleton County Wardens 1933-35. Moffatt
A great day @GoulbournMuseum's Camp Curator. Thanks to the staff, and of course the kids, for having me there! #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt

Councillor For Hire: A busy day at the Trail Road landfill

As many residents of Rideau-Goulbourn are aware, Scott is an active user of Twitter, which allows him to send out short updates about various topics no matter where he is. He faithfully shares the stories of his Councillor for Hire adventures, including tidbits of information he learns. This is always particularly interesting when he gets to work in City facilities.

Scott's latest took him out to the Trail Road Waste Facility, which is one of two landfills within the borders of Rideau-Goulbourn Ward. We've put together the story here for anyone who missed seeing his tweets.

Councillor for Hire: Trail Road Waste Facility

On January 31st, I had the opportunity to spend the day as an employee at the Trail Road Waste Facility, Ottawa’s very own landfill off of Moodie Drive. It was a cold, windy day but that doesn’t stop the garbage trucks from rolling in...

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At Trail Road Waste Facility working the Scale House to start the day. #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
Checking the temperature of the compost windrows at Trail Road! #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
Taking a tour of the new construction at the Trail Road Waste Facility, a building aiming for LEED Gold. . Moffatt
Putting on the second coat! #CouncillorForHire #TrailRoad Moffatt
Spending the afternoon driving heavy equipment at #TrailRoad. #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
Great day as a #TrailRoad employee! It's great to experience first hand what happens with our waste. #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt
The one thing I learned more than any other today was that the staff here at #TrailRoad love their job. It is a great work environment.Scott Moffatt