Recreation and cultural program registrations open March 7!

City of Ottawa recreation registration opening soon!

The City of Ottawa is launching registrations for all of its spring and summer recreation programs next week:

Aquatics - Monday, March 7 @ 9pm
All other programs - Wednesday, March 9 @ 9pm

Test out the new registration system early!

Recreation registration page

Since the last registration period in the fall, the City has upgraded its system. To avoid issues signing up next week, perform this simple test:

  1. Visit the City's recreation site.
  2. Click on the green "Register" button.

If the registration page appears, you are all set to be able to register for programs. However, if it doesn't appear, you're encouraged to try on a different device or use a different internet service provider. You can also register by phone by calling 613-580-2588 when registration opens. 

Expect delays during the busy times

Registering for programs when the period first opens always means that phone lines may be busy and the registration site load times may be slow or fail due to the increased traffic. We appreciate your patience as we work to complete registrations for everyone interested. 

Have your information ready to register

Don't forget that you'll need a client barcode, as well as family PIN numbers in order to register for any City of Ottawa programs. If you don't yet have one, you can create a client account here.

Speaking at South Carleton High School

As many of you know, I have been working various jobs once a month for nearly a year and a half.  In December, I worked at the Gingerbread Man, in January at the Trail Road Waste Facility, but I did something a little different in February.  As I have done in several times since being elected, I accepted an invitation to speak to careers classes at South Carleton High School.  I always enjoy this opportunity as these Grade 10 students are no different than I was at that exact same point in my life, which seems to be much less recent than I thought.  One student kindly mentioned that she was born the same year I was in Grade 11.

For the majority of these students, my job is really quite boring so I generally refrain from talking about my job too much and spend most of the time talking to them about how I got from where they are now to where I am today.  I have spoken about this in a column before so I don’t want to be overly repetitive but the journey was not without setbacks.  From graduating from South Carleton to attending Carleton University to eventually being elected in 2010, all along the way there were people that told me I couldn’t achieve the goals I set out for myself.  It’s this that I emphasize when speaking with students because no matter what school you choose to go to or what career path you envision for yourself after high school, there will be negative people along the way.  If I had let these people bother me, I would never have run for election in 2010 after losing in 2006.  Whether applying to your first choice of University or College, going to an interview for your first job or running in an election, the lessons are the same and failure only teaches you how to succeed in the future.

While I’m sure some students in these classes tune me out the second I get there, I do appreciate the opportunity to speak to these students.  Even though they can’t vote, I represent them too and it is nice to get to know them and speak about their concerns in the community they live in as well.

In March, I’m back to “work” as Councillor for Hire takes me to the Goulbourn Museum on March 14 where I take part in their March Break day camp.


Youth Connexion: Starting a Business

For students between the ages of 15 and 29, the City of Ottawa’s Youth Connexion program is hosting an Information Session at the Manotick Arena on Tuesday, March 12th from 7:00-8:00pm.  The speaker for the evening will be Majeed Mogharreban, Program Coordinator at Invest Ottawa.  The Province offers a program that provides $3000 to students looking to start their own business and also provides mentoring and hands-on coaching.  This information session will provide details on that program.

Watson’s Mill March Break Camps

This year, Watson’s Mill is expanding their March Break camp to 2 days of themed activities and fun! These are camps you do not want your children to miss! On Tuesday March 12th, kids can register with our Circus Camp and learn the ways of the Clown.  Juggle, make balloon animals, and put on rubber noses and big feet. It’s a day full of acrobatics and clowning around. Then, on Thursday March 14th, Watson’s Mill gets Goofy as we take a trip to the enchanted world of all things Disney. Campers will have a ball at the Bippity Boppity boutique or ride to the isle of Tortuga with Captain Jack Sparrow.

This March Break, why not let your kids run off with the circus or perhaps hang with the most popular mouse in the world? Circus Camp and Disney Camp include activities, crafts and games that will have your child swinging from the roof.  Camp has never been so fun! Camp Date: Tuesday March 12 and Thursday March 14. Cost: $25 ($20 for members) includes one small snack, bring your own lunch. Time: 9:00am- 4:00pm. Ages: 6-12.

Spring/Summer Recreation eGuide Now Available

The Spring/Summer Recreation eGuide is now online at  Registration for Swimming and Aquafitness programs began on March 4 at 10 p.m. online and by calling 613-580-2588. In-person registration at any recreation or cultural facility began March 5 during regular business hours. Registration for all other programs including summer camps begins on March 6 at 10 p.m. online or by calling 613-580-2588. In-person registration at any recreation or cultural facility begins March 7 during regular business hours.

Residents are advised to review the list of activities and registration procedures now to ensure they are ready to enroll in their favourite classes in a timely manner. Anyone registering will need a client barcode and a family PIN (Personal Identification Number). Please have this information ready for faster processing.  Residents can get a family PIN at as well.

High volumes of online registrants are expected throughout the first week of registration which could result in a longer registration experience than usual.  If you encounter delays, please wait for a few minutes before you try again or try our Touch Tone Telephone registration system at 613-580-2588.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491.

Time for the Spring-Summer Recreation eGuide


It’s time to check out the thousands of classes the City of Ottawa has to offer in the 2012 Spring-Summer Recreation eGuide.

From boot camps to sports, drawing to pottery and aquafitness to yoga, we have spring classes that will keep you active, creative and healthy!

Water fun, sports, neighbourhood, arts and specialty day camps offer kid size adventures all summer long. With camps across the city, children of all ages love to play with us!

Registration for spring classes and summer camps opens online at 10 pm on March 5 for swimming activities and 10 pm on March 7 for all other programs. Take time to browse the Recreation eGuide for new recreation and culture experiences.

Time well spent at