City of Ottawa Official Plan Amendment tabled

The City of Ottawa's updated Official Plan, tabled at Planning Committee on June 25, charts a course of affordable growth, with strong support for developing liveable, more complete communities that offer residents a sustainable mix of housing, employment and recreation uses.

A draft version of the Official Plan Amendment ─ the proposed updated plan ─ was presented to the Committee. The City’s planners are proposing some strategic changes to the plan, rather than a wholesale rethink of the document, which guides Ottawa’s development.

The proposed changes to the Official Plan include these rural highlights:

  • Protecting natural corridors throughout the city
  • Designating additional rural properties as bedrock resource area for future extraction
  • Focussing rural growth in the villages
  • Making the prohibition on country lot subdivisions permanent, but allowing two severances on rural properties

This is part of the City's "Building a Liveable Ottawa" campaign that Scott wrote about several months ago.