Scott worked hard to help make history fun at the Goulbourn Museum

Councillor for Hire: Goulbourn Museum

Scott ventured out to help the Goulbourn Museum with one day of their Camp Curator during March Break. Looks like he had a great time; the museum is a great place for a history buff like Scott!

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It's #CouncillorForHire: March Break edition! I'm off to Camp Curator at the @GoulbournMuseum.Scott Moffatt
We have extra help with Camp Curator today #CouncillorForHire - get your glue gun ready @ScottMoffatt21 :)Goulbourn Museum
Great aerial view of #Richmond @GoulbournMuseum from 10,000 feet in 1946. Only 300 residents at that time. Moffatt
Councillor Scott Moffatt is working at the ...Facebook
We're all set up for Camp Curator here @GoulbournMuseum. A quick lunch and then the kids arrive at 1pm! #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt
The kids are all ready to conduct an archaeological dig at Camp Curator @GoulbournMuseum. #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
The kids have started the dig at #CampCurator. @ScottMoffatt21 #CouncillorForHire #MarchBreak Museum
We think @ScottMoffatt21 could have decorated his #CampCurator ID badge with more colour but he still gets a star :) Museum
Love the history at the @GoulbournMuseum! Here is a picture of all Carleton County Wardens 1933-35. Moffatt
A great day @GoulbournMuseum's Camp Curator. Thanks to the staff, and of course the kids, for having me there! #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt