Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre intervenor funding available to community groups

Community groups interested in receiving intervenor funding to provide technical expertise to assist with the peer review of the Environmental Assessment process for the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre, are requested to submit proposals to the City of Ottawa.

A copy of the Application Form can be obtained by contacting Grace.O’ or at (613) 580-2424 ext 13147.

The Ministry of the Environment has approved Terms of Reference for Taggart Miller to undertake an Environmental Assessment for the construction of a Resource Recovery Centre which includes both a waste diversion facility and a landfill. The location of a site for this centre will be determined through the Environmental Assessment process.

In order to assist community groups to participate in the peer review of the Environmental Assessment, Ottawa City Council has allocated a maximum of $50,000 in total for interested organizations to obtain technical expertise on the issue.

The completed application form is due by Friday, March 22, 2013 and must include the following:

  • Community group name
  • Group leader and contact information
  • Group mandate information
  • A list with 50 group member names, addresses and signatures indicating they support the application
  • A detailed list of technical experts (engineers, geologists, lawyers, surface water experts, etc.) and estimated costs the group plans to hire with the funds.