Richmond North Sales Meter Station and Protecting Yourself Against Online Fraud

Richmond North Sales Meter Station Upgrade Project

TransCanada is proposing to replace the existing Richmond Sales Meter Station, with a new sales meter station called Richmond North Sales Meter Station. The proposed Project will provide TransCanada with the capability to accommodate a customer’s request for additional natural gas capacity. The Project is co-located at two adjacent TransCanada sites – the Richmond Sales Meter Station and the Stittsville Compressor Station, both located at 6783 Fallowfield Road, between Conley Road and Huntley Road, in Stittsville.

Meter stations are an important piece of infrastructure for a natural gas pipeline system. They are used to measure the volume and composition of natural gas transported through a pipeline. Construction of this Project involves the building of a new sales meter station and the installation of piping adjacent to the existing Stittsville Compressor Station site. A new pipeline connection will be built from the new meter station to the existing customer connection in the southeast end of the meter station property. The Project will also include the removal of the existing meter station and connection piping, currently located at the southern end of the property. All work will take place within TransCanada’s existing station properties.

Subject to National Energy Board approval, construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2017 and last approximately three months. The facility is anticipated to be in-service in November 2017. More information is available on TransCanada’s NEB application here:

Protect yourself against online fraud

Everyone is vulnerable to fraud, including you. Sadly, the Internet has made it much easier for criminals to take advantage of people, and much more difficult for investigators to track. This tax season, protect yourself against online scams. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not send emails or texts with links requesting your financial or other personal information. Don’t give your personal information over the phone until you have checked the status of your CRA account.

Ottawa Police Staff Sergeant Stephanie Burns offers these tips to keep you safe from tax scams and enticing offers:

  • Be suspicious of emails that ask you for confidential information.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of contests asking you to pay money to collect your prize, or winnings for contests you did not enter.
  • Take your time to think and ask questions. Contact someone you trust for a second opinion.

Learn more about fraud and how to protect yourself:


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