ARAC Agenda: 2018 Budget & Other Items


The upcoming Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) is taking place a couple weeks earlier than normal to review the budget. As a result, the next meeting is on Thursday, November 23rd, with the time and place unchanged (10:00am at Ben Franklin Place in Centrepointe). Agenda items include:

  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: 8089 & 8165 Franktown Road (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • 2018 Draft Operating and Capital Budget
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: 7771 Snake Island Road (Osgoode)
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: Anomaly – 168 Baillie Avenue and part of 1640, 1641 Bontrey Place
  • Carp Airport Development: Area-Specific Infrastructure Recovery Charge
  • Regimbald, Simpson and Wilson-Johnston Municipal Drains: Appointment of Engineer (Cumberland)

The big item on the agenda is the 2018 Budget. We will consider the relevant portions of the draft 2018 Operating and Capital Budgets and forward our recommendations to Council for consideration at the December 13th Council meeting. The ARAC budget is relatively small as it merely deals with the rural section of the Planning Department as well as funding some minor portions of the Public Works budget.

For the budget presentation at Committee, I have asked that staff also touch on items that impact the rural area but are found in the budgets of other committees, such as Transportation Committee. The 2018 draft budget contains increases to infrastructure renewal across the City that will help begin to bridge the gap between how we are currently funding renewal and how we should be funding renewal. For Rideau-Goulbourn, the 2018 draft budget includes the resurfacing of Rideau Valley Drive South, south of Kars, and microsurfacing on a portion of Fourth Line Road. The portion of Gallagher Road that was upgraded last year will see the final surface added to it in 2018. If more funds become available following the tender of many renewal projects, roads such as Dwyer Hill Road, Old Richmond Road and Eagleson Road may see microsurfacing as well.

The agenda also includes the Carp Airport Development, which was previously listed on the last two ARAC agendas. Due to some minor issues, it was pulled and will now come next Thursday. That report deals with the funding component of extending servicing to this development. The Franktown Road application, which was deferred from the November 2nd ARAC meeting, is a new development in Goulbourn. It is a 19-lot development adjacent to the existing Heron Lake Estates community and the Riverbend Golf Course. The item on Bontrey Place, in Kars, updates the floodplain lines on those properties following a review of floodplain mapping by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

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November's ARAC Agenda


To begin this week, I just want to give a heads up that we are currently scheduling two meetings in the coming weeks in Manotick. One has already been scheduled and will be held on Tuesday, November 28th at the RVCA building. That will be the public meeting for Minto’s development application for Phases 2-4 of their Mahogany community. The other meeting will occur earlier and will be an opportunity for the new owner of Orchard View on the Rideau to meet with the community and discuss their project for the Clapp property in Dickinson Square. Please stay tuned to our e-Newsletter for the date and time of that meeting. It will be held at Orchard View on the Rideau.

Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee

The November 2nd meeting of ARAC will be at our regular place and time, Thursday at 10:00am at Ben Franklin Place in Centrepointe. The agenda has more items than usual including a few carried over from last month’s meeting which were deferred. Agenda items include:

  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: 8089 & 8165 Franktown Road
  • Zoning By-Law & Official Plan Amendment: 1346 Bankfield Road
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: 3315 Shea Road
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment: 2980 Colonial Road (Cumberland)
  • Carp Airport Development: Infrastructure Recovery Charge
  • O’Keefe Municipal Drain (Barrhaven)
  • Burnett Municipal Drain (Barrhaven)
  • Tasse-Regimbald Municipal Drain (Orleans)
  • Thomas Gamble Municipal Drain (Osgoode)
  • Kilroe Municipal Drain (Barrhaven)

The Bankfield Road rezoning follows a lot line adjustment that was approved by the Committee of Adjustment. The lot that includes Dan Murphy Ford has been expanded and this zoning application adjusts the zoning to meet the new lot configuration. The Franktown and Shea Roads applications are new developments in Goulbourn.

The municipal drains on the agenda are reports that will see a drainage engineer appointed to review the current status of these drains and prepare a report to review any proposed improvements. However, the report on the Burnett Municipal Drain is to abandon that drain. You may notice that some of these drains are location in urban wards. ARAC has full carriage of all municipal drains across the City of Ottawa so even ones located in the urban area come to our committee.

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Munster Drinking Water System

This fall/winter, City staff are planning to conduct a number of engineering tracer studies in three of the well systems operated by the City of Ottawa: Carp, Munster, and Vars.  These studies will provide important information about the flow patterns in the water storage reservoirs, and will be used to improve the disinfection treatment process in each system.  This testing is expected to begin in late October.

The duration of each study will be 3-5 days and will make use of a small amount of barium salt as the tracer.  Barium occurs naturally in the groundwater for these communities at a level of approximately 0.4 mg/L.  During the study, the barium concentration will increase to 0.7 mg/L for 3-5 days.  These levels are well within the safe drinking water standard of 1 mg/L established by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and Health Canada. 

The MOECC, which regulates drinking water in Ontario, has provided approval for these tracer studies.  In addition, Ottawa Public Health have been consulted and have provided approval for this work.  Lastly, Water Services staff will be notifying both the local District Office of the MOECC and Ottawa Public Health before and after each study. 


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June's ARAC Meeting Agenda and Other Updates

June is always a busy month in Rideau-Goubourn and across the City of Ottawa, with events such as Food Aid Day and the Mayor’s Rural Expo as well as Dickinson Days. Of course, there are Ottawa 2017 events and it all leads up to July 1st where Canada Day events will be taking place in North Gower and Munster.

To kick off the month, there is nothing more exciting than a rousing meeting of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee! Our upcoming June 1st meeting agenda includes the following items:

  • Surplus Farm Severance Zoning Amendments for:
    • 2638 Mackey Road
    • 4779 Carp Road
    • 6462 First Line Road
  • Report on Coach Houses in the Rural area on private services
  • Manotick Mahogany Harbour Dock Project
  • Rural Residential Land Survey: 2015-16 Update
  • Hobbs Municipal Drain
  • All-Way Stop Control at Van Vliet Road & South River Drive
  • 1229 Dwyer Hill Road Development Charge Report

The report on coach houses in the rural area is the response to a direction that had been given by ARAC in the fall. Staff were asked to look at ways of reducing costs and process on building a coach house on private services in the rural area. The proposal before ARAC on June 1st does that. However, I feel more could be done and Committee will explore those options at the meeting.

The report on the Mahogany Harbour Dock will provide an update on the status of this project and speak to the temporary Parks Canada facility being installed this season. It will also lay out the City’s role going forward from an ongoing maintenance perspective.

The report on 1229 Dwyer Hill Road relates to the Dwyer Hill RV Park and the potential sale of the property. This report looks at waiving a portion of the Development Charges owed to the City of Ottawa by the current park owners. The waiver is only available to a potential purchaser and not the current owner.

As usual, the monthly ARAC meeting is held at 10:00am at Ben Franklin Place in Centrepointe.

UPDATE: Munster Sewer Backup

On April 7th, 2017, amidst heavy rainfall and runoff occurring during the spring freshet, the City of Ottawa received eight calls from Munster residents who were experience sewage backups in their basement. Seven of these calls came from the southeast portion of Munster, on Middlewood Court and nearby Dogwood Drive homeowners. At that time, the pumping station became surcharged with stormwater and crews were quick to respond to alleviate the surcharge. Unfortunately, during this time, several homeowners closest to the pumping station saw backups.

After some investigation, it was determined that the pumping station reached capacity due to the existence of sump pumps connected to the system. Since the backup occurred in early April, bypass pumping into the overflow lagoon at the Munster pumping station was activated earlier during rainy periods in early May to reduce the risk of basement flooding. The connection of sump pumps to sanitary sewers also caused capacity issues in Richmond during that same time in April. As a result, I will be working with City staff on developing a program that will seek to encourage the disconnection of sump pumps from the sanitary system. In the meantime, the City will continue to initiate the bypass measures earlier than done previously.

As homeowners, there are options to protect your home against flooding as well. There is information on the City of Ottawa’s website regarding the Residential Protective Plumbing Program. If you did experience flooding as a result of the pumping station backup, you can also file a claim with the City of Ottawa. For more information on the protection program or on how to file a claim, please feel free to contact me at

McLean Bridge Renewal

Beginning the week of the May 15, 2017th, the City of Ottawa commenced construction on the McLean Bridge Rehabilitation on Barnsdale Road. The City of Ottawa has retained the firm, RW Tomlinson Ltd., to complete the work. The McLean Bridge must undergo rehabilitation in order to extend its service life. Work will involve repairing the deck, widening the north sidewalk, removing and replacing the bridge railings, repairing the guard rails, concrete and steel repairs as well as some painting of steel members. The work is planned to begin in mid-May 2017 and continue until late October 2017.

There will be an impact to traffic on the McLean Bridge. Traffic will be reduced to one lane for the duration of construction. With the assistance of portable temporary traffic signals, motorists will be able to safely pass over the bridge during construction. One direction of traffic will proceed at a time. OC Transpo will be impacted by the rehabilitation to the McLean Bridge and will experience a minor delay to the route. Pedestrians will have access to the McLean Bridge at all times.

RW Tomlinson Ltd. will take every precaution to minimize interruptions to the normal life of your family, but as you can appreciate, there may be some inconvenience during the course of the operation of the work including noise and delays. We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation.

For any emergency outside normal working hours on weekdays and weekends, please call the City at

3-1-1. Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager, Elizabeth Murphy at or by phone at 613-580-2424 ext. 15397.

Dickinson Days & Gathering in the Square

Dickinson Days is happening in Manotick between Friday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 4th. The weekend events celebrate the birthday of Manotick's founder Moss Kent Dickinson with a parade, fireworks, street market, and so much more. You won’t want to miss the Gathering in the Square on Sunday, which be filled with live entertainment, horse drawn wagon rides, guided tours, a flour grinding demonstration, crafts for children, and lots of fun! The Dickinson House will also be open and will be doing a cake cutting and housewarming to celebrate the house being built 150 years ago. 

On Sunday the meal will be a ticketed mechoui barbeque with a choice of meat, salads, and fries. The cost of the meal is $12 for children 11 years old and under and $15 for adults aged 12 and over. We encourage people to reserve a table of 6 or 8. Tickets can be purchased by calling Watson's Mill at 613-692-6455. For a detailed schedule of events, visit

At the same time, you are welcome to visit the good folks at Dickinson House, as they too celebrate Moss Kent Dickinson.  Not only are they honouring Dickinson and his achievements, but they are also part of Doors Open Ottawa.  June 4th will be extra special, not just because of the aforementioned Gathering in the Square, but also the 150th anniversary of the construction of Dickinson House.  To celebrate this milestone, special guests from the past will be in attendance.  Please come and join them for a re-enactment of the Dickinson House housewarming for a piece of birthday cake at 1:30pm.


If you have any other comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me on those as well or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit

ARAC & Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

Our upcoming meeting of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee on Thursday, April 6th will be the first since February following the cancellation of the March meeting. The previously announced meeting in March was cancelled because there were only two items on the agenda. The two items that carry over from that light March agenda are the waiver of fees on the Cable Crescent closure off of Fairmile Road and the proposal to add two all-way stop controls to Osgoode Main Street. Additionally, the agenda includes:

  • Zoning By-Law Amendment for 3856, 3866, 3876 Navan Road to permit a Place of Worship
  • Status Update: Inquiries and Motions for the period ending March 30th, 2017

It is another relatively light agenda but the meeting is necessary due to the timelines surrounding the Navan Road zoning amendment. I will also be bringing forward a motion pertaining to the Mahogany Harbour dock project. This motion will allow the community to proceed to the next steps of this project including a temporary facility for the 2017 boating season.

As always, our ARAC meetings are held at Ben Franklin Place in the old Nepean Township Council Chambers. The meeting will begin at 10:00am. Full agenda information can be found at

2017 Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence

Applications for the 2017 Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence program will be accepted until April 28th, 2017.

The program recognizes innovators who contribute to the success of Ontario's agri-food sector. Eligible applicants could receive one of:

  • a Premier's Award ($75,000)
  • a Minister's Award ($50,000)
  • a Leaders in Innovation Award - three awards available ($25,000 each) 
  • provincial award - 45 awards available ($5,000 each)

Program applications are reviewed by two independent panels consisting of agri-food industry representatives from across Ontario. For more information about the awards and the application process, please review the program website at

2017 Construction Season

Construction contracts for 2017 are being awarded and, in next week’s column, I will provide an update on what you can expect to see this summer. As mentioned previously, Shea Road, Bleeks Road and William McEwen Drive, south of Brophy Drive, will be resurfaced this summer. I’ll have more details next week.


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Bob Easy receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

In last week’s column, I included information on the upcoming meeting of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee. Please note that, due to a small and non-urgent agenda, the meeting for March 2nd was cancelled and the two agenda items will be deferred to our April 6th meeting.

Bob Easy receives Mayor’s City Builder Award

At the City Council meeting of February 22nd, I had the pleasure of joining Mayor Jim Watson in presenting the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Munster’s Bob Easy.

Bob Easy has been involved in building and supporting youth in the communities of Munster and Richmond going back to the 1970s. The sense of community and of family he established among the teams he coached was sadly evident in 2012 when one of Bob's players, Tyler Kerr, died tragically during a game due to a heart condition. Bob took it upon himself as head coach to support the boy's family, his team and coaches, and the opposing team, by arranging grief counselling. He also organizes fundraising events to assist local players whose parents are unable to fully afford the cost of a hockey season; players who have been given the opportunity to play at a higher competitive level but whose parents are not able to pay the fees associated with that.

In 2001 Bob was presented with a plaque in recognition of his outstanding service to Minor Hockey under the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association. In 2009-10 he was honoured as Coach of the Year by the Richmond Munster Minor Hockey Association for his special dedication to player development and team play. In 2014 Bob was presented with the Bill Kitchen Award for his devotion of time and effort to strengthening minor hockey in the community.

Bob was also involved in umpiring for fastball in Kanata for many years, and in slo-pitch in North Gower, Richmond and Munster in his later years. He is also involved in the Munster Co-operative Nursery School's annual ball tournament in June. There aren’t too many community events in which you don’t see the always recognizable Bob Easy involved in some way. Just recently, Bob and I both took a few pies in the face at the Munster Harvest Fest. Fortunately for me, I don’t have Bob’s beard so the clean-up was much easier.

Congratulations Bob! It is a well deserved honour.


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ARAC is Cancelled, Chateau Laurier Expansion and Upcoming Events

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 2nd has been cancelled due to a light agenda. The items will be moved to the next regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 6 at 10 am in the Chambers, at Ben Franklin Place. 

North Gower Country Kickup

The North Gower Cooperative Nursery School is holding its annual fundraising event on Saturday, February 25th at the Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre. The North Gower Country Kickup will feature the musical stylings of Brea Lawrenson with the Jordy Jackson Band as the opening act. The event starts at 8 pm and runs until 1 am. Keep in mind that I live nearby so try to keep it down! Tickets and information can be found at

Shrove Tuesday

On February 28th, from 5 pm to 7:30 pm at the Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre, come and enjoy a hearty supper of pancakes and syrup, ham, sausages, baked beans, fruit salad and homemade pies, with coffee, tea, juice or water. Cost is just $10 per adult, $5 for children 6-12, and children 5 and under free. This supper is hosted by Holy Trinity Anglican Church, North Gower. For more info, call 613-489-2207.

Chateau Laurier Expansion

The City has received a Site Plan Control application for the development and that information is now publicly available at Members of the public have 28 days to review the project and submit feedback, including through an online form and via email at

The proposal will be refined by City staff following their review and public feedback. Owing to the local and national importance of the Château Laurier, a special heritage working group, comprised of nationally respected heritage professionals and a representative from Heritage Ottawa, has been established to provide advice to the applicant, the City, and the National Capital Commission.

There will be additional opportunities to provide feedback before the project comes before Council, including when it considered by the Committee of Adjustment, Built Heritage Sub-Committee, which I sit on, and Planning Committee later this year. The City will also organize a community session for information and comments before these committees review the proposal.

I strongly encourage you to submit comments on this proposal. I have been very critical of the proposed expansion as I feel it completely detracts from the hotel. This is a building that has seen an expansion before and that was done tastefully. I see no reason why the same approach cannot be taken here. It will be interesting to see how this file moves forward and how impactful public input will be.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit

ARAC Agenda, MPAC Farm Assessments and Community Events

ARAC Agenda

With the merging of the November and December meetings of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee into one meeting on Thursday, November 24th, we have quite the agenda. Taking place at our usual location and time, Ben Franklin Place at 10:00 am, the meeting agenda includes:

  • 2017 Draft Operating & Capital Budget
  • Land Evaluation & Area Review (LEAR)
  • Report on Significant Woodland Policies
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment for 471 Sangeet Place (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • Zoning By-Law Amendment for 6265 Perth Street (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • Official Plan Amendment for a Quarry at 3150 & 3200 Rideau Road (Osgoode)
  • Zoning By-Law Amendments for 4175 Anderson Road (Cumberland), 4000 Canaan Road (Cumberland), 711 Vances Side Road (West Carleton-March), 2469 Forced Road (Cumberland), 6219 & 6317 Dwyer Hill Road (Rideau-Goulbourn)
  • Kizell Municipal Drain (Kanata North)
  • McKinnons Creek Petition for Drainage Works (Cumberland)

The big items will be the 2017 Budget and the update to the LEAR. Accompanying the LEAR update, will be a recommendation to make changes to Agricultural Resource Areas across the City.  Some lands may be recommended to be changed from General Rural to Agriculture and vice versa.  More information and maps are available at I served as Chair of the LEAR Working Group as we reviewed the mapping for the last four years, working alongside local landowners, the Ottawa branch of the Ottawa Federation of Agriculture and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs.

471 Sangeet Place is the second phase of a small development adjacent to the village boundary in Richmond, next to the Legion, off of Ottawa Street.  10 lots are proposed. Also in Richmond, the report on 6265 Perth Street seeks to permit the construction of a new medical facility at the corner of Rochelle Drive and Perth Street. The zoning will also permit future phases, including a mid-rise apartment building and some commercial and office space. The City received much support on this application from the community and I appreciate everyone who took the time to submit comments.

MPAC Farm Assessments

Many property owners across Ontario received their MPAC notices last month. While residential property owners received their letters in the spring, the farmland assessments were only released in mid-October. What property owners will have noticed is a huge increase in assessment. In fact, the average assessment increase in Ottawa is 98%.

The big question for most, though, is how will this affect your taxes? Through any assessment update, the municipality cannot increase revenue. The City doesn’t come into a windfall just because property values have gone up. As a result, taxation needs to be adjusted based on assessment increase. In that case, those around the average increase of 98% will not see any tax impact. If your assessment is below the average, you are likely to see a decrease in your property taxes as a result. Similarly, if your increase is above the average, there will be a corresponding increase in your taxes.

DSHMI Annual General Meeting

Dickinson Square Heritage Management Inc. (DSHMI), a coalition of community organizations whose mission has to preserve and promote the unique heritage character of Dickinson Square for the benefit of the community and beyond, is pleased to announce that it will be holding its 2016 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2016, starting at 4:00 p.m., in the main meeting room at the North Gower Client Service Centre on Roger Stevens Drive. The public is welcome to attend.

The Hockey Hootenanny

On Saturday, November 19th, the Osgoode-Rideau Minor Hockey Association is hosting a fundraiser for the Manotick Arena Expansion.  As many of you know, the Manotick Arena is being expanded in 2017.  The project is a joint effort between the City, the Federal Government and the community. Your support of this event will help your community’s efforts.

The Hockey Hootenanny will be hosted at the Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre in North Gower.  There will be a silent auction, door prizes, live music and more.  The Whiskey River Band and Cougar Bait will be performing.  Tickets are $15 in advance and available by calling or texting 613-862-8436. Tickets will be $20 at the door.

Isle in the River Theatre Company

From November 18th to 20th and from the 25th to the 27th, ITR Theatre Company is presenting a Norm Foster Double-Double. This includes two one-act plays, My Narrator and The Death of Me, at each of the 6 performances at the Osgoode Community Centre. Tickets are available through or by calling 613-800-1165 or e-mailing Tickets for the dinner theatres on November 19 and 26 are selling out quickly.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491. For information on Rideau-Goulbourn issues, please visit

Doors Open Ottawa is back June 4-5!

When I last spoke of the Water, Wasterwater & Stormwater Review, I mentioned that the report and any recommendations were to be delayed to give staff more time to assess all of the comments from the eight consultation sessions.  As you may have already heard in recent days, the item is now scheduled to come back in September.  I will keep you updated on any developments over the next few months.

Photo Radar

In my March 23rd column, I summarized some of the opinions surrounding the issue of photo radar and its use on Ottawa streets.  Originally scheduled to go to Council in March, it was referred, for a more fulsome discussion, to Transportation Committee, which occurred earlier this month.  Leading up to this committee meeting, many of the comments heard city-wide aligned with the comments that I had heard in Rideau-Goulbourn.  As a result, a substitute motion was brought forward that, instead of asking for a blanket approval for the use of photo radar, asks the Province to allow the City of Ottawa to run a pilot project for photo radar exclusively in school zones.

Many arguments were heard for and against the use of photo radar.  Some wanted to see it used anywhere and everywhere.  Some wanted it to be used as a revenue tool.  Others fundamentally opposed its use. The motion to test it in school zones was a compromise motion that garnered the support of the Committee and, ultimately, Council.  At the Council meeting, I seconded a motion put forward by Councillor Stephen Blais that also seeks to have all School Zones double as Community Safety Zones.

There is no real timing for next steps on this issue.  The request goes to the Province and they will determine whether or not to allow the use of photo radar.  If yes, the City of Ottawa will then further consider the factors of implementation, such as the limit to set it at and the awareness of the zones.


The June meeting of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee is being held on Friday, June 3rd as the Thursday is the date of the Rural Expo and Food Aid Day.  The time and location are the same as always; 10:00am at Ben Franklin Place.  Agenda items include:

  • Water Environment Strategy: Phase 2
  • Zoning By-Law Amendments: 1613 Devine Road, 3940 Dunning Road

The Zoning By-Law Amendments are both for surplus farm severances.  As you can see the agenda is quite light.  The Water Environment Strategy was presented to Environment Committee last week but is mandated to be reviewed by ARAC as well.

Doors Open Ottawa

On June 4th and 5th, the public will have access, at no charge, to more than 120 buildings around the Ottawa region. Doors Open Ottawa offers something for everyone, from municipal facilities and government buildings to private businesses, artists’ studios and places of worship, to embassies and high commissions of countries from across the globe.

Shopify hosted the launch event at its Elgin Street headquarters and will be among the 19 new locations participating in the Doors Open Ottawa weekend in June. For the fifth consecutive year, there will be a free accessible OC Transpo shuttle bus sponsored by the Ottawa Citizen. More than 50 participating buildings can be accessed from the shuttle loop, giving everyone a wide choice of amazing facilities that can be reached quickly without a vehicle.

For a full list of participating buildings, including which ones are accessible, and information about the shuttle bus, visit  Rideau-Goulbourn buildings include Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind National Headquarters, Watson’s Mill, Dickinson House, Ayres Building (Home to ROSSS), Rideau Township Archives and the Goulbourn Museum.


Ottawa Senators player Chris Phillips and Mayor Jim Watson invite you to support the Canadian Red Cross’ emergency appeal and the United Way’s relief efforts directed towards helping the residents of Fort McMurray rebuild their lives and their community, by attending their fundraising event: Ottawa4FortMac.

The fundraiser will feature an evening of live country music, a pizza dinner catered by local pizzerias, local craft beer sampling and western-themed activities such as wild mechanical bull rides. Ottawa-born Country sensation Kira Isabella, Ottawa Country group River Town Saints and Country brother duo The Abrams will keep you dancing all night long.

Ottawa4FortMac will happen on June 8, 6:30pm until 10:00pm at Lansdowne Park in the Aberdeen Pavilion, 1000 Exhibition Way.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491.

ARAC returns and Long Island Road

September 3, 2015 - 10:00am in The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place

September 3, 2015 - 10:00am in The Chamber at Ben Franklin Place

After having no meeting in August, the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee is back to work on Thursday, September 3rd.  As always, this meeting will take place at Ben Franklin Place in Nepean, beginning at 10:00am.

Agenda items include a presentation from the Carleton 4-H Club titled “The Real Dirt on Farming”; the commemorative naming of the Doug Thompson Pathway (Osgoode); the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program Review and Renewal; a street closure application for 3128 Moodie Drive (Rideau-Goulbourn); Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment applications for 1705 Old Prescott Road (Osgoode); as well as two housekeeping items. As per the norm, there will be an “Open Mic” session at the end of committee so if there is anything you’d like the committee to hear, feel free to come out and speak.

Long Island Road

As many of you are now aware, Long Island Road has been resurfaced this summer.  However, since I have recently become the recipient of a form email campaign, I thought I would provide some history on why Long Island was done the way it was and what we can expect going forward.

As far back as 2012, I became aware of two separate projects that impacted Long Island Road.  One was a simple resurfacing, which was scheduled for 2014 and the other was a watermain project scheduled for 2016, approximately.  Long Island Road was a potential route, at that time, for a future backup watermain which would provide a secondary supply to those in Manotick who are currently served by City water.  Not wanting to have Long Island Road torn up twice in less than three years, I worked with staff to twin these projects and potentially expand the scope to include a sidewalk between West Avenue and Bridge Street.

The immediate need for the watermain project was based on future growth in the new Mahogany development, therefore the costs were being front ended by Minto.  Unfortunately, slow growth has pushed back Mahogany Phase 2, thus pushing back the need for the backup watermain.  We became aware of this change in the fall and I immediately began to push for the resurfacing as Long Island Road just couldn’t wait any longer.  However, we were still left with the reality that the watermain would have to be installed at some point, just not in the next five years. 

In January 2015, the Infrastructure Services Department contacted me with their proposed plan for Long Island.  While the Planning & Growth Management Department has targeted Long Island for improved cycling and pedestrian facilities, not much could be accommodated within the 7m existing width.  The solution to that was to do a 5-10 year resurfacing job without fully reconstructing the road as that full reconstruction will occur with the watermain installation.  To obtain the necessary width now to install the proper pedestrian facility would require ditch filling, drainage accommodations, among other things.  These are all issues that will be addressed when the road is reconstructed with the watermain.  We will be able to install a sidewalk at that time.

In the meantime, staff have been able to widen the paved surface out to 7.5m by paving the previously existing gravel shoulder.  What I am working on right now is determining the lane width which is why you haven’t seen any painted lines yet.  The intent is to have white edge markings which should provide some paved surface on either side of the road for pedestrians and cyclists.  If we can narrow the travelled lane, we can create more width on the edges.  I am continuing to have this discussion with staff.  The current lane width guidelines are somewhat outdated so we are working through some ideas in order to come out with the best result in the end.

Obviously, and City staff will agree, the best result would have been sidewalks but the right circumstances didn’t come together at this time for that to happen.  What we’re focused on right now is to achieve the best compromise to get us from now until such time that a sidewalk is constructed.

Photo Credit: Mayor Jim Watson on Flickr

Photo Credit: Mayor Jim Watson on Flickr

Order of Ottawa and the Brian Kilrea Award

The deadline is quickly approaching to submit nominations for the 2015 Order of Ottawa and the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, September 11 at 11:59pm.

The prestigious Order of Ottawa award is intended to recognize those who have made significant contributions through their professional endeavours, to life in the city in any of the following areas: arts and culture, business, philanthropy, health care, education, public service, labour, communications and media, science, sports and entertainment and other fields that benefit Ottawa.

The Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching recognizes the contribution of an amateur coach who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership and commitment that have been the hallmarks of Brian Kilrea’s career.

Nominations for the Order of Ottawa or the Brian Kilrea Award for Excellence in Coaching may be completed online at, or by filling out a nomination form available at your local community centre, public library, or any client service centre.

The awards will be presented at the Order of Ottawa awards ceremony in the fall of 2015.

5th Annual Manotick Soapbox Derby and BBQ Picnic in the Park

Come out to Centennial Park in Manotick this Sunday, August 5th and celebrate the end-of-summer with a wonderful day for the entire family. There will be races, music, a craft table for children, face painting, balloon figures from Dr. Kaboom,  and of course, a BBQ lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers to purchase and fresh FREE corn on the cob. Bring a picnic blanket or chairs and spend some relaxing time in the park. It’s not just a day for racing, but also a day for families to come out and enjoy the festivities.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491.

Make the Right Call

On Thursday, March 5th, the City of Ottawa’s Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee (ARAC) will host its first meeting at Ben Franklin Place at 10:00am in the former Nepean Council Chambers. Items on the agenda for this meeting will include:

  • 2015 Budget;
  • Phase 1B Zoning Amendment for the Minto Mahogany Development;
  • Modifications and improvements to the Monahan Creek Municipal Drain;
  • Minor zoning amendments to 3981 Farmview Road (West Carleton), 4045 Highway 17 (West Carleton) and 2227 Yorks Corners Road (Osgoode); as well as
  • The annual report on the Rural Association Partnership Program and the Rural Community-Building Grant Program.

As Chair of ARAC, I am very excited in our move to Ben Franklin Place as I believe this will make ARAC meetings more accessible to rural residents on an ongoing basis. If you’d like to receive the agenda regularly, I will be including it in my monthly email newsletter, which will be sent out each Friday before our ARAC meetings.  You can sign up for my the newsletter at Ben Franklin Place is located at 101 Centrepointe Drive.

Make the Right Call

My office works in a very close partnership with Ottawa Police Service and I feel it is important to encourage you to “Make the Right Call”.

  • For any life-threatening emergency or crime in progress, call 911.
  • If you need to report a serious crime, break and enter or a suspicious incident /disturbance requiring the presence of a Police Officer, please call 613-230-6211.
  • If you would like to report a theft, loss or recovery of property, damage to property, missing person or stolen vehicle, please call 613-236-1222 Ext. 7300 and make a report.

Ottawa Police encourage you to call in when you witness speeding vehicles or poor driving habits with the appropriate information, such as location, time of day, vehicle particulars (if safely possible).  A Traffic Sgt. will review each report and allocate appropriate follow-up and enforcement by an Officer.

There is also the opportunity to file a report online at  for the following:

  • Lost Vehicle Licence Plates
  • Theft (Under $5,000)
  • Lost Property (Under $5,000)
  • Mischief/Damage to Property (Under $5,000)
  • Theft from Vehicle (Under $5,000)
  • Traffic Complaints

We encourage you to “Make the Right Call”.

City of Ottawa March Break Camps

School will be out from March 16 to 20 for March Break, and the City is offering a week of fun-filled activities with more than 100 action-packed camps in sports, arts, swimming and more. Register now for March Break camps. Find your neighbourhood adventure online at

Take to the ice with hockey, skating and curling camps. Try aqua camps, indoor soccer or rock climbing.

Impress your family and friends with talents developed in computer, magic or movie camps. Star on stage in acting, singing and dance camps. Get messy with clay, paints and glue. Work on your leadership skills and make new friends.

Ottawa’s largest selection of camps comes with enthusiastic and trained leaders. Our programs offer top value and quality you can trust.

Registration can be done online, or visit a recreation facility or Client Service Centre where customer service staff can help with all your registration needs.

Interested in Heritage? Join the Goulbourn Museum Board

Combine a love of heritage with your personal skills and play a role in the success of the Goulbourn Museum. The Museum is governed by an elected Board of Directors which meets in the morning on the second Thursday of every month. The Board currently has two vacancies and is seeking members of the community who share a pride in Goulbourn’s heritage to join the Board, or to nominate someone else for candidacy.

A Call for Nominations explaining the application process and a copy of the Museum’s By-laws have been posted to the Museum’s website. The website also contains a list of current Board members. To apply, candidates are asked to provide a statement describing the skills, knowledge and experience they can offer the Goulbourn Museum. This should be addressed to the attention of the Nominating Committee and submitted to the museum by April 1, 2015. Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the Museum on the evening of Thursday April 23, 2015.

If you would like more information or have any questions about joining the Goulbourn Museum Board of Directors, please feel free to contact Curator-Manager Kathryn Jamieson at 613-831-2393 or

Last-Minute Ice Booking

You can now find and buy last-minute ice time online at your convenience. Last-minute ice is a rental period which you can buy one to seven days in advance at a discounted rate. Visit for more information.

Ottawa Valley Farm Show

The Ottawa Valley Farm Show (OVFS) will be held from March 10th to 12th at the Ernst & Young Centre. Sponsored by the Ottawa Valley Seed Growers Association, The OVFS is the largest annual exhibition of its kind held in Ontario east of Toronto. Of particular interest to farm families and other rural residents, the show features 350+ commercial exhibitors offering everything from machinery and equipment, to computer and financial services. For more information please visit the OVFS website.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491.