Ottawa Fire Services welcomes donations to the Vehicle Donation Program

Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) is encouraging residents to donate their old or scrap vehicles to the Vehicle Donation Program. Your donation can help firefighters continuously practice their skills and rescue techniques, and you will receive a $500 tax receipt in return. Even if your vehicle does not run, it can still be used, and OFS will arrange to have it picked up for free.

Your donated vehicle will be used as a training apparatus that will help firefighters practice the intricate skill of automobile extrication. Every year, OFS responds to thousands of traffic collisions that involve extricating injured drivers and passengers from mangled vehicles using specialized techniques and tools. Over the years, automotive innovations and features such as airbags, computer-controlled security and alternate fuel/hybrid systems, have made automobile extrication even more complex.

As part of the OFS training program, firefighters hone their skills on vehicles that are obtained or donated from recyclers, which often includes high towing fees. To offset these costs, old or scrap vehicles can be donated directly to Ottawa Fire Services in exchange for a $500 tax receipt that will be mailed to the donor.

If you wish to donate a vehicle, please first call 613-580-2424, ext. 29492 to receive instructions about how to donate your vehicle.

After calling, if the vehicle can be safely operated, it can be driven directly to one of the five designated fire stations:

  • Station 12 - 635 O'Connor Street
  • Station 36 - 900 Industrial Avenue
  • Station 37 - 910 Earl Armstrong Road
  • Station 44 - 1075 Greenbank Road
  • Station 53 - 500 Charlemagne Boulevard

If the vehicle cannot be safely operated, Ottawa Fire Services will make arrangements to have a towing company pick up your vehicle free-of-charge. However, you must be present to sign over your vehicle ownership and show photo identification (such as driver’s licence, passport or government-issued identification).

If you live in a rural area, you will be directed to one of four Ottawa Fire Services Rural Administrative offices for further instructions.