OPEN HOUSE: Bridge Street and Long Island Drive Access

Google Map showing the area to be discussed at the Open House51% of all turns are right hand turns, unless you live on the south end of Long Island in Manotick and therefore that percentage is incredibly higher because left hand turns onto Bridge Street are near impossible.  Well, all of that is about to change. 

On June 19, I’d like to invite residents to the Manotick Curling Club for an Open House to look at the two options for access into the existing intersection at Bridge Street and Long Island Drive.  This open house will run from 6:30pm until 9:00pm and residents are welcome to arrive at any time within those hours. 

There will not be a formal presentation, but there will be plenty of opportunity to look at the options and discuss details with myself and City staff.  If you cannot make it until 8:00pm, rest assured you’ll experience the same as though you arrived at the beginning.

I’ve been told by some that they’ve been asking for a solution for 15 years and by others for up to 30 years.  All the while, traffic has continued to increase along Bridge Street, over $1 Million was spent on another intersection in town helping to serve that increasing through traffic, and the residents are left waiting….and waiting to make that elusive left turn onto Bridge Street. One of my first requests 18 months ago was to meet with City staff to discuss this project which was not yet designed and not yet fully funded.  Well, now we have the funds, thanks to the 2012 Budget, and we have two potential designs. 

I managed to get us to this point but now I need your help on deciding which the best option is.  Both options have similar price tags and both ultimately end up at the Bridge Street/Long Island intersection.  Allow me to shed more light on the two options to better prepare you for the upcoming meeting.

Option 1: Van Vliet Extension

The Van Vliet Extension has been floated around for years, and it is what it sounds like.  The pushing through of Van Vliet into the existing intersection at Bridge and Long Island requires the acquisition of the property which would connect the two roadways and a reconfiguration of where Richard Street meets Van Vliet.  A four-way stop would also likely be necessary at South Island Park and Van Vliet.

Option 2: South River Drive Re-Alignment

This option only came forward 18 months ago after a meeting I had with staff on the project.  The idea here is to keep South River Drive as the main access point to the south end of the island.  To do this, two land acquisitions would be required with the additional land being the greenspace to the south of the Manotick Medical Centre.  South River Drive would be constructed through that greenspace, around the Medical Centre and into the Bridge/Long Island intersection. 

There is a perceived extra cost with this option but that can be alleviated through a land swap with the current owners of the Medical Centre property.  This option is best captured on the concept drawings and it really allows everything to remain the same without creating new potential problems.  This option would not interfere with the Van Vliet/Richard corner.

After looking at nine different options, it will be these two that are available for review by the community.  The key here is not just finding a band-aid solution but one that provides the proper result for the next 10, 20, 30 years and beyond.  I’ve been looking forward to having a meeting on this subject since I ran in 2006 and I’m excited to hear your thoughts and get on with this essential project.  See you on the 19th!


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