IMPORTANT: City-wide burn ban now in effect

Ottawa Fire Services has issued a city-wide burn ban. It is effective immediately to prevent the rapid spread of fire due to grass and brush fires. This ban will remain in place until conditions improve and the green grass starts to show through dead tall grass.

All open air fires are prohibited during a fire ban even for those properties that have a burn permit.

There will be zero tolerance enforcement during the open air burning ban.

Debris from winter (fallen tree branches, leaves, etc.) increases the risk of fire spread, so this is a preventative measure to keep people and property safe.

Reduce your risk around the home

Ottawa Fire Services encourages residents to take advantage of weekly yard waste collection and use the following tips to prevent grass and brush fires:

  • Clear all combustible materials such as tree limbs, leaves and other dry materials away from buildings and propane tanks
  • Keep BBQ propane tanks at least 3 m from buildings.
  • Wood piles should stored a safe distance from the home
  • Trees should be pruned to create a good vertical separation from the ground
  • Have a working garden hose and water supply to promptly extinguish any grass fires
  • Clear out any accumulated dry/dead debris from property

For additional tips on disposing yard waste, visit

Cigarettes an ongoing cause of grass fires

Carelessly discarded cigarettes continue to be a major cause of grass fires during these dry periods. Smokers are reminded to please use care when butting out. Do not throw lit cigarettes out vehicle windows. Be sure that cigarettes are completely out and discard in an appropriate waste recepacle.


During the burn ban, no burning is allowed - even with a permit. Residents are reminded that they must first obtain a fire permit before they have a fire in the open air. Permit holders are then required to call 613-580-2880 prior to burning to ensure there is not a burn ban in effect. Substantial fines may be issued to residents who are not in possession of a valid fire permit or are found to be non-compliant to conditions and regulations within their permit

Fire Permits are available at all Client Service Centres and Ottawa Fire Services Rural Administration Offices. A list of these sites , hours of operation and more information on fire permits can be found on or by calling 3-1-1 (613-580-2400).