Floodplain Mapping Studies Underway Within the City of Ottawa - Local Input Welcome

Identifying lands that are vulnerable to flooding is an important responsibility for Ontario’s Conservation Authorities.

Over the next five years, three conservation authorities will be undertaking a number of flood risk mapping studies on watercourses within the City of Ottawa and their respective areas of jurisdiction. For some watercourses old flood risk mapping will be updated and for some watercourses flood risk maps will be created for the first time.

When completed, the new flood risk mapping will be used by the City of Ottawa when updating its Official Plan schedules and Zoning overlays and in the review of development applications under the Planning Act. Conservation Authorities will use the same mapping in the administration and enforcement of regulations made under the Conservation Authorities Act.

In the first year of this initiative, each CA will focus its efforts on the following study areas:

Mississippi Valley Conservation

  • Feedmill Creek
  • Poole Creek
  • Kizell Drain

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

  • Ottawa River (Britannia Yacht Club to Shirley’s Bay)
  • Rideau River (Rideau Falls to Hogs Back Falls)
  • Monahan Drain (Jock River to Hope Side Road)

South Nation Conservation

  • Findlay Creek,
  • John Boyce Municipal Drain
  • Osgoode Garden Cedar Acres Municipal Drain

For more information, or learn how to provide input in the process, please visit the RVCA's website.