Councillor for Hire: A day at ROPEC

Councillor Moffatt helps clean up your solid waste

It's been nearly a year since Councillor Scott Moffatt announced his intention to put himself up for hire at various organizations in the Rideau-Goulbourn area or that impact the area. On May 29, 2012 the Councillor found himself at Robert O. Pickard Environmental Centre (ROPEC).

Storified by Rideau-Goulbourn · Wed, May 30 2012 10:54:21

Heading out to do audit sampling of industrial sewers at Drain-All. #CouncillorForHire #ROPECScott Moffatt
After pulling the sewer discharge samples, here I am placing the autosampler back in place #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
Stopped by @flyYOW to test PH levels of their glycol discharge into sanitary sewers. Now here... Moffatt
A bucket full of septic contents from Edwards, ON! Yummy! #CouncillorForHire #ROPEC Moffatt
Lucky to get some septic hauler samples done and into the lab before the skies opened up! #CouncillorForHire Moffatt
Thanks to the #ROPEC team for having me there for the day. The minor sewage splash on my face was a nice added touch! #CouncillorForHireScott Moffatt