COLUMN: Two Major Files Coming to Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee - March 1, 2012

Two major files are coming to Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee at its March 1, 2012 meeting.  The meeting is scheduled for 9:30am in the Champlain Room at Ottawa City Hall.  The files are the zoning amendments for the Minto Mahogany subdivision in Manotick and the Maple Forest Estates subdivision in North Gower.

Mahogany by Minto

Phase 1 of this subdivision was draft plan approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on October 20, 2011.  This zoning amendment is to bring the lands in line with the draft plan of subdivision in terms of how the lands are zoned, which is currently Development Reserve.  Phase 1 will consists of 197 units, 146 of which will be single detached homes with the other 51 being attached units.  There will be two access points, one off of Manotick Main Street across from Antochi Lane and the other will come off of Century Road.  Again, all of these details are a part of the Draft Plan Subdivision and the Zoning Amendment is just the next step in the process.  As mentioned in a previous column, Minto plans to service all of the Phase 1 lands this summer and expects their sales office to open this fall with first occupancy coming in spring of 2013.

Maple Forest Estates

Officially known as 2190 Maple Forest Drive, Phase 5 of this development in North Gower was draft plan approved by City Council on August 10, 2011.  This development would see 50 homes added to the existing development off of Roger Stevens Drive.  If approved, this development would eventually connect the existing development with the back end of the Alfred Taylor Recreation Facility and would include walking paths so that those residents could easily enjoy the recreation facilities.  This Zoning Amendment will allow the development to proceed according to the approved site plan.  More details on the site plan and zoning for both this and the Mahogany development are available online at

Mill Tavern “Raise the Roof” Quiz Night

The Watson’s Mill Team is thrilled to announce that our friends and partners at the Mill Tavern are helping us “Raise the Roof”.  The Quiz Night takes place on Tuesday, February 28th and starts at 7pm, with proceeds to the Watson’s Mill roof campaign.  Cost is $15/person but the value is priceless.  WMMI challenges community members: recruit your friends and family, and see who will champion the evening’s trivia.  From personal experience, these quiz nights are a lot of fun and incredibly challenging.  They take place on the last Tuesday of each month and proceeds always go to a great cause.  Come on out on the 28th and test your knowledge, I know I’ll be there!

Scott Moffatt Kids Classic

July 12, 2012 marks the date for my first annual Scott Moffatt Kids Classic Golf Tournament.  The event will take place at the Canadian Golf & Country Club near Ashton.  My goal is to raise money to help build and replace play structures throughout Rideau-Goulbourn.  The tournament date coincides with Take a Kid to the Course Week and I truly hope many parents will bring their kids out for a fun day of golf.  I’ll have more details on this event in the coming weeks and months but I’m also soliciting volunteers who would be interested in helping me put this together.  I’ll be looking for help with organizing the event, acquiring sponsorships as well as assistance on the day of the tournament.  If you are interested, please contact my office and we’ll see how we can put you to work.  Hopefully we can make this a successful event that will benefit kids and families all across Rideau-Goulbourn.