Column: Minto Mahogany development has begun

March 21, 2012

Many residents around Manotick may have recently noticed that Minto has begun preliminary work on Phase 1 of their Mahogany development.  One of the commitments made by Minto to the residents of Manotick was to not use Manotick Main Street during construction.  Although this commitment was made well before I was elected, I was familiar with it and I expected it was worked out with City officials.  Last week, unfortunately, I realized it was not and trucks were carrying on down Main Street with no real alternative as First Line Road is not a truck route.  In order to help out with this commitment, I worked with the Ottawa Police, Minto, Taggart, and City staff to get trucks off of Main Street.  We still need a more concrete agreement in place but I’m committed to getting this done.  Unfortunately, this is one of the many issues that do not benefit everyone.  Currently, the trucks are using First Line Road, off of Bankfield, in order access their service road on Century Road East.  I feel compelled to apologize to the residents on First Line Road (including my parents) and Century Road for this inconvenience.  It is important to note that First Line Road is scheduled for resurfacing within the next three years.  Please contact me regarding this issue if you need any further information. 

Manotick Nursery School Open House

Manotick and Riverside South Cooperative Nursery School will be holding their registration night on Tuesday March 27th from 7pm-8pm at their Manotick location.  The school is very excited to be offering more programs and flexibility for parents next year.  Preschool programs will be offered 3 mornings and 3 afternoons per week in Riverside South and 2, 3 and 5 mornings per week in Manotick.  The school also offers Kinder Adventure Days to complement kindergarten classes half a day per week and returning this year is the parent loved KinderClass.  This class is perfect for the child who is not quite ready for junior kindergarten or is too mature for preschool but not old enough for kindergarten.  KinderClass will follow the kindergarten curriculum standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and will be offered to children turning 4 before February 28 of 2013, four afternoons per week in Manotick.  Also new this year, the nursery school is offering more choices and options for co-op membership including being able to opt-out of duty days.  This is being offered on a first come, first serve basis so come early to make sure you get your spot.

Thinking about Riverside South but not sure how a community room at a grocery store can be turned into a nursery school?  Visit the schools’ websites to see pictures of the classrooms and to learn more about the programs -  Manotick Nursery School and Riverside South Nursery School - or call 613-692-2188 for further details. 

Watson’s Mill Presents...

On Boxing Day 2004, The Indian Ocean tsunami devastated areas of Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. The world was gripped by images of one of the deadliest disasters in recorded history and Manotick Public School student Mitch Kurylowicz wanted to help. But what could this grade 3 pupil living in a far off country do? It turns out that with the support of his parents and teachers, Mitch could lead his classmates to raise $1000 to donate for the disaster relief. This was the beginning of Mitch’s journey to prove that 1 person can make a difference. Since then, Mitch continues to lead his community in humanitarian efforts in Kenya. Together, we become the voice of those who have no voice.

On Wednesday March 28th, 6:30-7:00pm, Watson’s Mill Presents…Mitch Kurylowicz and his inspirational story of making a difference. From local fundraising to developing action plans, Mitch will reflect on his journey to Kenya and his subsequent return in 2011.

Watson’s Mill presents… is always held on the Last Wednesday of the Month, November to March. Admission is $2 for Watson Mill Members and $5 for General Public, in support of Watson’s Mill programming.  Call us for more details or to reserve tickets: 613-692-6455.

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