COLUMN: Majority of new applications and renewals for business licences available at all Client Service Centres

As of Monday, March 5 the majority of new applications and renewals for business licences will be available at all seven Client Service Centres to offer residents and business owners more convenient locations and service hours. Previously, business licence applications and renewals were only available at the licensing service counter at Ben Franklin Place, which will now close.

Some types of business licences will only be available at the Bylaw and Regulatory Services location at 735 Industrial Avenue, including taxis, lottery, private parking enforcement agency and refreshment cart vehicles. Current business licence holders will be advised of the new locations for licensing services when they receive their renewal notice.

Moving business licensing into communities across the City gives businesses and residents convenient access to licencing services. These changes are part of ServiceOttawa’s mandate to implement initiatives that offer improved access to information and services while creating cost savings for the City.  Business licences now available at the North Gower Client Service Centre include auctioneer, flea market, food premise, kennel, public garage, and snow plow contractor, among others. A full list of licences now available at the Client Service Centres is available at

Councillor for Hire

February 28th marked another new job in my Councillor For Hire series.  I had the pleasure to spend the day with a great new local business, the NoGo Coffee Company.  Located in and named after North Gower, the NoGo Coffee Company is owned and operated by Karin & Scott Rabuka.  They sell organic, fair trade coffee that is freshly roasted in the garage of their North Gower home.  NoGo offers five different coffees: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Java Go!, Nicaraguan, Sumatra Mandheling, and my wife’s favourite, Gotta Go! which is NoGo’s signature blend.  While working for the day, I had the pleasure of roasting 8 pounds of Sumatra Mandheling.

The other part of my day was spent pouring and delivering coffee across Rideau-Goulbourn.  Karin and I spent a couple hours at the Manotick Village Butcher preparing Café Americanos for their patrons.  NoGo Coffee is available for sale at the Village Butcher.  We then delivered some fresh beans to the Baker’s Bean in Richmond, formerly Never Too Latte.  Baker’s Bean will now be carrying NoGo Coffee, and it is also available at Mulligan’s Grocer and the Stevens Creek Country Market in North Gower.  It truly is great to see these Rideau-Goulbourn businesses working together to help each other succeed.  It has always amazed me that you can essentially satisfy your entire diet within the boundaries of Rideau-Goulbourn and the NoGo Coffee Company is a perfect example.

For more information about the NoGo Coffee Company, please visit  Thanks to Karin for inviting me and teaching me about this growing business.  My next Councillor For Hire job will be on March 8th at the aforementioned Manotick Village Butcher.  I’ll be there for the day so please come by and say hello and grab a hip of beef while you’re there!