Greenbank Road realignment EA and other updates

I wanted to begin this week with some local updates regarding items in the Richmond area. On Monday, May 5th at our monthly Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, we approved a re-zoning at 6363 Perth Street which will allow for the Home Hardware (6379 Perth Street) to expand the rear of their lot at the rear of the property. The surrounding property remains zoned for future residential development. Also at ARAC on Monday, we deferred the decision on the Arbuckle Drain, which will not come to the next committee meeting on June 5th at St. Patrick’s Church Hall in Fallowfield Village.

Also in Richmond, Colonnade Developments have applied to amend their plan of subdivision. Initially, their original plan was to have the next phase include two new buildings but with TD Bank ready to go, they have amended it to allow for just one building to go ahead at this time. You should expect to see construction to occur over the summer.

Off-Leash Dogs

With this nice(r) weather finally upon us, we see many more people out running, cycling, walking their dogs or just walking in general. Obviously, we all want to be able to enjoy this time of year and take part in outdoor activities. Having said that, always be sure to keep others in mind and be courteous. No jogger wants a cyclist tearing past them and no walker wants an off leash dog chasing them. Every now and then, I hear from residents who are concerned about off leash dogs as they run or walk around our communities. Please be considerate and keep your dog on leash when going for a walk.

Weaver House

As many of you know, the City of Ottawa has been working for the past several years on plans for Dickinson Square and the disposal, through sale or lease, of some, or all, of the buildings the City owns within the Square. Of course, the five properties are the Dickinson House, the Carriage Shed, the Weaver House, the Ayres Building and the property at 1125 Clapp Lane.

In December, you learned that we found purchasers for three of the five properties, namely 1125 Clapp Lane, the Ayres Building and the Weaver House. Since that time, we have moved forward with finalizing the sales agreements on the Clapp property and the Ayres Building. However, and unfortunately, the successful proponent for the Weaver House had to walk away. In response to this, we have gone back out to the market and listed the Weaver House for sale once again. The sales process will not be a Request for Offers this time and instead will be a 30-day listing with a purchase price of $349,900.

While there is no minimum bid requirement this time around, the other components of the original RFO still apply in terms of adaptive reuse, fitting in with the vision of the square and providing a business plan. The final approval of purchase may only be given by the Manotick Mill Quarter Community Development Corporation, of which members include local residents Gerald Reasbeck and Margot Belanger in addition to my role as Chair.

Permitted uses at 1131 Mill Street include retail store, bed and breakfast, artist studio, office, personal service business, restaurant, retail food store, small batch brewery and so on. Offers will be received until 1:00pm on Thursday, May 29th, 2014. For more information, please contact Dave Powers at 613-580-2424 ext. 13989 or by email at

Realigned Greenbank Road Environmental Assessment

The Realigned Greenbank Road and Southwest Transitway Extension EA is coming to Transportation Committee Wednesday, May 7th. This study included the alignment of Greenbank Road, from Cambrian Road to Barnsdale and the identification of potential intersection improvements at Greenbank Road/Prince of Wales Drive, Prince of Wales Drive/Bankfield Road and First Line Road/Bankfield Road.

The recommended option for the first part of the study, the Greenbank Road part, would see a new Greenbank Road extend south from Cambrian Road and connect onto Barnsdale Road, approximately 750m west of the existing Greenbank Road. A new Park and Ride would also be constructed on this new portion of Greenbank Road, just north of Barnsdale Road. There are no recommendations for the intersection at Prince of Wales Drive and Barnsdale Road contained in this report but that is something that will certainly need to be looked at before the new Greenbank Road is completed.

The second part of the study involved the intersection improvements to the south. The recommended option for Greenbank Road and Prince of Wales would see Greenbank Road connect to Prince of Wales at a new intersection, approximately 400m to the north of the existing one. This would increase safety and reduce the potential for cut-through traffic on Viewbank Road. For the intersection of Prince of Wales Drive and Bankfield Road, the recommended option is a four-legged, two-laned roundabout that would increase flow through this area and eliminate the long lines that occur presently.

When looking at First Line Road, the recommended option would see First Line Road connect to Prince of Wales directly, just 300m south of Bankfield Road in a newly constructed three-legged roundabout. This would take pressure off the existing First Line Road/Bankfield Road intersection which would only be needed for right turns out and left turns in. This intersection is currently slated for signalization and fell just below the funded line for 2014. Transportation staff are currently looking at this project and the roundabout option to see if we can accelerate the roundabout option so that we don’t waste money in the short-term. If it becomes evident that the roundabout option is long-term, we will proceed with the signalization. All wouldn’t be lost, of course, as any turning lanes constructed for the signalized intersection would still be beneficial in the long-term, regardless of the signalization.

I will keep you posted as these projects move forward.

Richmond Village Garage Sale

Don’t forget that this Saturday is the village wide garage sale in Richmond. There will also be an electronics drop-off event going on at the Richmond Fairgrounds between 8:00am and 4:00pm. This makes for a perfect opportunity to get rid of your old electronics and then go out to one of the local garage sales and buy a bunch of stuff to replace what you just got rid of!

Kars Trinity United Church Plant Sale

The annual Kars Trinity United Church Plant Sale takes place this Saturday, May 10 from 8:00am until noon at the Scobie Farm at 6274 Rideau Valley Dr. N. (7 km south of Manotick). As always, there will be a good selection of perennials, herbs, scrubs, vegetable plants and annuals.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email me at or contact me by phone at 613-580-2491.