City of Ottawa Rural Association Partnership Program


Applications are now being accepted for the City of Ottawa's 2013 Rural Association Partnership Program. Application information and updated forms are available at

Deadline: April 12, 2013 at 4pm 

The Rural Association Partnership Program is a funding program with a total budget of $75,000 to support the rural economy by providing funding for rural business organizations, fairs and farmers' markets. Funding is awarded for projects with a defined beginning and end and measurable outcomes. Maximum funding per project will not normally exceed $7,500 to ensure that all rural regions have an opportunity to access the funding.


  1. Rural Business Organizations: Organizations, based in rural Ottawa that are recognized as being active in supporting local retail and service sector businesses, promoting commerce and representing local business needs 
  2. Farmers' Markets: Provide seasonal, multi-vendor, community-driven (not private) organizations selling agricultural, food, art and craft products including home-grown produce, home-made crafts and value-added products where the vendors are primary producers located in rural Ottawa 
  3. Fairs: Present and promote a major agricultural and/or heritage fair that celebrates a distinct aspect of the local Ottawa character.


  • To provide project based funding that supports the main priorities for rural organizations.
  • To contribute to the City's rural economic health by supporting projects that will assist Ottawa's rural business organizations, fairs and farmers' markets achieve sustainability and capitalize on the proximity to Ottawa's large urban market. 
  • To assist in promoting Ottawa’s rural identity to both residents and tourists.
  • To provide economic benefits to small and medium sized enterprises in Ottawa’s rural communities.
  • Assist rural communities to overcome the business development challenges associated with smaller local population base.
  • To increase the capacity for rural communities to provide a quality visitor experience.

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