City of Ottawa Amending Comprehensive Zoning By-law 250 of 2008

The City is considering making amendments to the Zoning By-law on various topics and properties as detailed below.

Please visit to obtain more specific descriptions of the changes being proposed on each of these general topics/properties.

1. 960 and 968 Old Montreal Road and 1327 to 1449 Gerald Street in former Cumberland;

2. Transit Station locations update;

3. Changes re: Green Energy Act;

4. Definition of Commercial Patio;

5. 3442 to 3473 Wyman Crescent in former Gloucester;

6. Interpretations Act references update;

7. Split definition of Apartment mid-high rise;

8. Definition of Dwelling Three Unit;

9. Definition Night Club;

10. Only One Lot for Zoning Purposes;

11. Municipal Works Yards;

12. Accessory and Ancillary Uses review;

13. Definitions of Personal Service Business; Office and Medical Facility;

14. Definition of multiple attached dwelling;

15. Utility Installations provisions; O1P zone - Hydro Corridor Zone;

16. Requiring “soft” landscaping in corner and front yards;

17. Establish rounding up provisions;

18. Environmental Protection Zone remove Wetlands south and east reference;

19. Definitions of Building/Building Envelope/Structures

20. Residential Care Facility to recognize use as a non-residential use;

21. Provisions for Handling and Transfer of Propane, Natural Gas.

The City’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law 250 of 2008 is available on the City Website.

The tentative dates the amendments will be considered by City Committees are: Agriculture and Rural Affairs – June 7, 2012; Planning – June 12, 2012.

Please contact Terry MacHardy if you wish to receive further information about any of these proposed amendments and to register for further notification of the Committee and Council meetings and decisions related to this proposal.

Please provide comments by March 16, 2012 to:

Terry MacHardy, Planner II

City of Ottawa, Planning and Growth Management Department

613-580-2424 ext. 16390

fax: 613-560-2459