City accepting applications for the Better Neighbourhood Program

Applications are being accepted for the City’s new Better Neighbourhoods Program.

This program is part of the Neighbourhood Connection Office, which helps residents and community groups identify, prioritize and implement projects aimed at improving their neighbourhoods.

The program offers assistance to qualified groups for the development of resident-driven improvement projects aimed at addressing identified short-comings in the community or enhancing the community experience. The program is part needs assessment and part project implementation. Selected neighbourhoods will work with City staff to identify opportunities, and to plan and implement projects chosen by the community.

Projects will be supported financially by the City up to a maximum of $30K. Opportunities for neighbourhood-level projects that could be supported through the program might include making streets more walkable, park revitalizations or artistic initiatives such as street painting. Projects requiring elevated levels of funding may be referred to the City of Ottawa’s budget priority setting process.

In addition to improving the neighbourhood, these projects will provide opportunities for building relationships among residents, community groups and the City of Ottawa, leading to a stronger sense of community.

Three to four neighbourhoods will be selected for the program in 2013 and another three to four in 2014. Interested neighbourhood or community groups can submit applications until Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

Application criteria can be found on the City’s website and includes: having support from your Ward Councillor, volunteer capacity to support the projects. Priority will be given to neighbourhoods that are not actively involved in other City planning initiatives during the 2010-2014 term of Council.

The focus of the Better Neighbourhoods program is urban/suburban neighbourhoods.