Canadian Organic Growers workshops

The Canadian Organic Growers chapter in Eastern Ontario-West Quebec (COG Ottawa) offers new and existing farmers training opportunities related to organic production and certification.


Growing Strawberries Organically

Growing Strawberries Organically is a one day workshop to be held in Ottawa on February 11.

The workshop is for organic growers wanting to diversify their farm or improve the quality and quantity of their organic strawberries, or conventional growers wanting to explore organic strawberries as an option, or simply to reduce their pesticide usage while still raising quality berries. A companion to COG’s newly released Practical Skills Handbook Growing Strawberries Organically; this workshop covers important considerations and management strategies to successful organic strawberry production.

Funding for the Eastern Ontario Growing Strawberries Organically workshop comes in part from the Rural Association Partnership Program (RAPP) of the City of Ottawa.


Making the Transition to Small Scale Organic Production

February 28 & March 20 1:00-3:00pm

Conference call

This workshop is geared to experienced small-scale produce farmers who are interested in transitioning to certified organic production. The workshop is delivered over two 2-hour sessions via conference call, with some independent work required in-between sessions. Upon registration, participants will receive a workbook and toll-free number.

For more information, or to register for the workshop, visit the Canadian Organic Growers website and click on “Events”, e-mail Colin Lundy at or call 613-493-0020.