Garvin Road Bridge and Ottawa Police Service Initiative (SI) Program

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Garvin Road Bridge

The Garvin Road Bridge was built around 1960 and is located on Garvin Road over Flowing Creek Municipal Drain about 1 km east of Huntley Road in Concession 4/5 Lot 26. The structure is a single span timber deck on steel I-Girder bridge with a span of 4.75m and an overall width of 3.9m. The ‘unmaintained’ Right-of-Way (ROW) between Shea and Eagleson Roads consists of a 3.5 m wide single-lane gravel/dirt road that has been unmaintained for over 16 years.

Dating back to early 2000’s inspections, the structure has been showing signs of deterioration. The most recent Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM) inspection (2015) identified that the bridge is in poor condition including severe rotting of the timber deck and cracking of the concrete elements. Due to safety concerns, the bridge has been closed and jersey barriers installed at both ends of the bridge to eliminate the use by pedestrians and snowmobiles. There are currently no agreements in place with snowmobile groups to use this ‘unmaintained’ ROW, although it was used as a snowmobile route up until last year.

At this time, the City’s intent is to decommission the Garvin Road Bridge. As part of this process, the City intends to consult with potentially affected stakeholders and assess the impacts of removal. Input and comments are invited for incorporation into the impact assessment study and will be received until February 3rd, 2017. Comments can be sent to Mr. Karadakis can also be reached by phone at 613-580-2424 x23556.

Ottawa Police Service Initiative

In recent months, the Ottawa Police Service has been working on their Service Initiative (SI) Program, which is designed to improve how the OPS serves the community. A number of changes have already been made to the OPS service delivery model – such as a new organizational structure for investigative units and the Strategic Operations Centre, a hub for frontline, day-to-day operations and acts as a virtual back-up for officers on the road.

Effective January 23, 2017, the OPS will be launching the last of the major SI restructurings, the new Frontline Deployment Model, which is aimed at improving community safety by making it easier to move resources across the city to where they are needed. The new model will also have more streamlined processes for partners and the public to access services.

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