2014 Ottawa soils mapping update


This month, the City of Ottawa is beginning an update of its soils mapping in rural Ottawa to improve the information it uses to protect agricultural land and to guide future land use planning.

Soil experts will work with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food as well as the Ministry of Rural Affairs in Guelph. They will ask land owners for permission to sample and map soils conditions in two to three test areas. Landowners within the test areas will be contacted by City of Ottawa Rural Affairs staff in May about the survey staff acessing their lands to conduct the survey.

The results of this work will lead to the development of a more comprehensive survey in 2015 to cover the remainder of the City.

This update is being undertaken in conjunction with provincial staff. The Province uses soil capability mapping to determine and protect the most productive lands for farming. Farmers use this mapping for a variety of purposes, including managing use and distribution of fertilizer to make their farm operations more efficient.

The results of the surveys undertaken in 2014-2015 will be added to the City's existing and highly accurate topographic information to produce some fo the most up-to-date and accurate soil capability mapping available in Ontario and the review of the City's policies for the protection of Agricultural areas.

Questions about soils mapping?

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Planning and Growth Management

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