Landshare Canada

Landshare Canada brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food. The concept of Landshare began in the UK, launched through the River Cottage television program in 2009, and has since grown into a thriving community of more than 60,000 growers, sharers and helpers across the country. Now that Landshare is here in Canada, we welcome you to come and take part in this fantastic initiative.

It’s for people who:

• want to grow veggies but don’t have anywhere to do it
• have a spare bit of land they’re prepared to share
• can help in some way – from sharing knowledge and lending tools to helping out on the plot itself
• support the idea of freeing up more land for growing
• are already growing and want to join in the community

For more information, visit the Landshare website.