Rural Directional Signage Program identifies the City’s rural destinations

The City’s rural directional signage program provides signs to help direct the general public to rural destinations and increases the economic viability of our rural communities and businesses. Originating from a Rural Summit commitment, it assists farmers, businesses and community groups in rural Ottawa to increase awareness of their products, services and activities.

The Directional Farm Signage Program was the first phase of the signage program to be initiated and was established through extensive community consultation.

The second phase was the development of the Community and Business Directional Signage Program that is directed at assisting rural businesses and community organizations with viable way-finding signage opportunities including; business section signage, community name and events signage, tourism and public services signage, and village services signage.

More information on the rural directional signage program can be found on the Rural Connections website or contact the Rural Affairs Office at