Downtown Transitway improvements

Transit commuters will soon enjoy improved service as two downtown Transitway stops undergo major renovations this summer. In a continuation of the renovations completed on five stations last summer, this year’s upgrades will focus on the Bay and Metcalfe Stations on Albert Street. The work begins next Monday and will continue until the end of August.

Temporary bus stop platforms will be located on Albert Street just west of the existing stops for the duration of the construction. The temporary stop for Bay Station will be near the corner of Bronson, and the Metcalfe stop will be placed on the west side of Metcalfe Street. Each temporary platform will take a day or so to complete, at which point the existing station will be closed and buses will serve the temporary station.

The dedicated bus lane along Albert Street will be maintained. No detours will be necessary.

Traffic lanes on Albert Street will be reduced to one bus lane at the new platforms and one lane for all other vehicles. Appropriate signage and traffic signals will be in place to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic during this time. OC Transpo and Traffic Management will closely monitor the situation.

In some areas, on-street parking will be temporarily prohibited. Wherever possible, additional temporary on-street parking will be created to compensate.

All efforts will be made to keep pedestrians safe and to maintain wheelchair and stroller access at all times during construction.

The renovations are designed to improve customer safety and comfort, while enhancing station aesthetics and improving service efficiency.

For more information, call 613-741-4390 or visit