Country Lot Subdivisions

Throughout the previous Official Plan review process, City of Ottawa planning staff did not recommend any significant changes to the policies regulating rural subdivisions. At the time of the adoption of the update of the City’s Official Plan (OPA 76), a motion was introduced and adopted by Council that imposed a moratorium on new country lot subdivisions for a period of five years. During that moratorium staff was requested to undertake an analysis of a different method by which future Country Lot Subdivisions could be regulated. In particular, Council was interested in the evaluation of the “cluster model” which would limit subdivisions to specific rural locations rather than allowing them to be scattered throughout the rural area.

Staff has produced a Discussion Paper dealing with country lot development and in particular the merits or disadvantages of a plan that focuses on the clustering of Country Lot Subdivisions. The purpose of the paper is to form the basis of further discussions with the rural community before staff returns to Council with a response to the questions in the Council motion and provides recommendations as to whether or not changes to the Official Plan are required. We encourage residents to provide feedback on this topic by visiting completing the online questionnaire.