Nature In Deed: A New Resource for Non-Farming Rural Residents

Nature In DeedNature In Deed is a portal to a wide range of resources about living in a rural environment. You’ll find links to people and resource agencies who can provide answers to just about any property-related question you have. The purpose is to help rural landowners understand the broader landscape in which their home is situated. Please see

Nature In Deed is a brand new website and we're eager to know if you find it helpful. If you have tips you'd like to pass along to other rural landowners, please contact the

Partners: Community Stewardship Council of Lanark County, Eastern Ontario Model Forest, Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve, Ontario Fur Managers’ Federation, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Pine Grove Productions, Wildlife Habitat Canada.


Nature In Deed has also been added to our list of community resources on for future reference.