Column: Village Plan Reviews

In late March, the City of Ottawa’s Rural Affairs office, in conjunction with the Planning and Growth Management department began a process of reviewing village plans and looking at undertaking plans for villages which do not currently have a plan.  Last week, Fallowfield, Munster, and Ashton had their Village Plan workshop held at the Goulbourn Municipal Building.  On Saturday, April 16th, the residents of Burritt’s Rapids and Kars are invited to attend a workshop at the Marlborough Community Centre in Pierce’s Corners from 9am to 12pm.  On Tuesday, April 19th, the Manotick Arena will host a workshop from 7-9pm aimed entirely at the village of Manotick.  The Rural Review aims to look at 24 of the 26 villages within the City limits, North Gower and Richmond have had recently updated Community Design Plans and were not included.  During these sessions, the groups will look at their vision for their community, examine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as look at the land use plan for the village.

The following is an excerpt from the City’s website and further explains the rationale behind the Rural Review:

The Manotick Secondary Plan was approved by Council on September 12, 2001. The Secondary Plan requires that development in the village be monitored “to ensure the residential growth of the Village can be serviced with existing and new community facilities that are affordable, and its residents can be integrated into the Village’s social fabric, the amount and rate of growth of new residential development will be monitored for its impact on the achievement of the Primary Objective of this Plan. Accordingly, the performance of this Plan will be the subject of a monitoring report prepared for Council’s consideration not less frequently than once every five (5) years on the anniversary of the adoption of this Plan and include, as potential indicators:

- The rate of growth experienced in the Village over the reporting period
- The facilities required to service that growth (e.g., schools, parks and other recreation facilities) and whether or not those facilities have been developed or are planned in the foreseeable future
- The capacity of volunteer organizations to meet the needs of new residents (e.g., the provision of recreation programs)
- The capacity of the road network to accommodate the growth demonstrated through such factors as traffic counts at key Village intersections
- Other indicators as deemed appropriate by Council

There have been a number of changes in Manotick since the Plan was approved that may affect the village core.

Burritt’s Rapids & Kars

The Village Secondary Plan policies for Kars and Burritt’s Rapids were extracted from the former township of Rideau Official Plan that existed prior to amalgamation. These policies were approved in the 1990s and need to be updated. It is recommended that the policies which apply to Kars and Burritt’s Rapids be consolidated with the other six sets of village Township policies to create a consistent set of City of Ottawa policies which would apply equally to all villages without an independent plan. This recommended approach will eliminate the need for six separate Township policies and create a policy structure which is similar to what currently exists in Volume 1 of the Official Plan. This approach will alleviate overlap between the existing Township policy documents and create a consistent and easy to read set of Secondary Plan policies to guide future growth in the villages.

Please join myself and staff from Planning and Rural Affairs at both of these workshops and have your say on the future of your village.

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