Column: Working at Saunders Farm and Honouring Veterans at Kars Cenotaph

Yet another Halloween has come and gone and it was a rather unique one for me this year.  On October 28th, I worked my fourth job in my Councillor For Hire initiative at Saunders Farm.

This was my second "job" in a row in Munster but this one was a little different from others.  I arrived at 6pm and was ushered into the attic of the Barn of Terror where I was transformed into a dead man.  It's quite incredible what goes on up there as three makeup artists apply makeup to over 40 staff members each night, turning them all into creatures of the night.

After getting into costume and character, I was positioned at the entrance of the Barn of Terror as hundreds of visitors made their way passed me and into the frightening facility.  The best reactions always seem to come from teenage girls who are generally already scared before they even walk up the stairs.  The first person they meet after me comes out at them from the dark and then they blindly enter into a room of hanging heads.  The screams start there and don't end until the chainsaw-wielding lumberjack chases them out the back door.

My next duty was helping out at the Haunted Wagon Ride where over 1000 visitors went through that evening.  There are ten tractors and wagons that cycle through the 15-minute experience that takes you deep into the dark woods where what seems to happen there, stays there.  As the hundreds wait in line, they are entertained by the Line-up Show with David Deaderman, a variety show with music and interviews that takes place on a wagon.  It's a lot of fun and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the dead host.

Saunders Farm truly is a blast for people of all ages. At 9:30 at night, kids are still going crazy on the Jumping Pillows, the line-up at the Beavertails stand is a mile long, and the screams are still coming from the Barn of Terror.  The best thing about Saunders Farm is their dedication to community and giving back.  From their involvement with the United Way campaign to their generous donations to the Youth Services Bureau in memory of Jamie Hubley, Saunders Farm plays a huge role in giving back and I am extremely proud that they call Munster and Rideau-Goulbourn home.

Their season is now over, but if you’ve never been there, make Saunders Farm a priority in 2012.  From their mazes and jumping pillows to the play structures and splash pad, they provide hours of fun for families throughout the summer and into the fall.  Saunders Farm is also an incredible destination for corporate events and weddings as well.  To find out more about Saunders Farm, visit

Kars Cenotaph
On Sunday, November 6, I had the privilege of laying wreaths at Remembrance Day ceremonies in Kars, North Gower, and Munster.  In Kars, the cenotaph was unveiled at its new location in front of the newly conjoined Kars Public School/Rideau Valley Middle School.  If you live in Kars, you know how beautiful this new site is and you know what it means to the village.  If you haven’t seen it, please take some time to visit the cenotaph in Kars this week.  The original cenotaph was first unveiled November 8, 1978 by then Mayor of Rideau Township, Bill Tupper.  Dr. Tupper was on hand once again to help unveil the cenotaph at its new location.  The community owes a debt of gratitude to the Kars Cenotaph Relocation Committee of Richard Coles, Matthew Cook, Rita St John, Eric Little, Brad McMahon, Ann Noonan, Steve Noonan, Shaun Tolson, Bill Tupper, Trevor Ward, and Jane Willis, as well as former Councillor Glenn Brooks.  Thank you.


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